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I'm 29 year's old living in the southern part's of a very beautiful country in Skandinavia. Alway's tried to keep flexible & open in mind!! And wanted to do this cleanse together with the fact that, I'm also turning 30 very soonish and that most people I meet still seem to believe that they properly could place me in category like I was told from a lady the other day (wich we where to buy a little car of for my old grandmother:)) "You seem to me to be in the same age as my oldest daughter -how old is she I replied? 19 year's old she then say's....? Okey, dear Ma'm I'm 30 I said??? -Never forget that expression... :o))

Of course I also know that with a cleanse like this I'd probably reach the "skeletton expression" next to nothing pretty soonish instead of anything 2 that, especially since I weigh in with a firm 150 pound's and 1m 87cm height...

For me it is all Ok.. :o) ;o)

Becoming 30 is also a supreme turning point in my life spiritually when Jupiter has a great influence on me, and more is expected too!! In many way's that is...

I really have to dig in to my Wheat/fruit/honey & hot water versus cooked potato and fresh onion/pink salt regimen, alterning again and maybe if I'm lucky to get some fresh goat's milk this summer...

And now I hope to re-connect with my deeper side of full body breathing (must learn to hold my breath "broaden my lungs" and that for longer period's, extracting all the vital living prana and subtle lifegiving energies it also offer's) during this fast together with ridding my system of all lactic & uric acid wich burden my whole system/mind and gland's. Together with the opening of my bodies 7 million window's or so, the pores in the skin is also one of my main goals here.

Thus making my body clean & pure and yes, far more elastic plus raising the whole organism's vibration's once again, as it has been and should forever be!! Not only physically but pure in thinking & pure in action's too....

But anyway I was planning on going for some studie's to Australia this April, but it's been delayed now for a two month's time or so and I thought to myself "Hey man" why don't U just go for that wich you have longed so long for -Grab it, grab it!!!


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