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Re: Are some skin problems incurable? YES!! by twinkie26 ..... Acne Forum

Date:   9/20/2007 12:54:31 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I do have one question. All of these things you've tried...have you done them for long periods of time or just tried them for a few weeks and moved on to something else??

I had a similar problem, althought it was not as long as yours, only a couple years. I first tried everything over the counter and on the internet for washing your face and nothing helped. Then I tried to go vegan and eat only salads and fruit for 2 months - still no difference. I moved on to colon cleansing - this helped me a good bit, about 50% better but didn't clear up my acne. Next were a few liver flushes. Did about 2 but didn't seem much difference.

My Acne only improved significantly when I bought this book called Acne No More online. I know I'm going to catch a lot of slack and people are going to say I am the author or stand to gain something from you buying it. Absolutely not true at all. I only want to help.

The ANM book set out a strick regimented 2 month detox that incorporated all the things I had tried as well as other things I had no idea about. The cleanses and detoxes were set up in a certain order to help the body to rebuild and clear out toxins, bacteria, fungus and all the rest of the crap we have. I truly believe it was the order of the detox that was the key. It gives all the necessary vitamins, supplements, minerals and foods for you to eat and take while you are detoxing to help to rebuild your organs and make them strong again. It has info on absolutely everything and is great not just for people suffering from Acne but for anyone who really wants to detox and lead a healthy life. Just about everything you listed that you have done is outlined in the book but it is all combined into one force during this 2 month detox.

My problem before was I was just trying a thing here for a little while and a thing there to try to fix my acne. The ANM detox was really the only thing that helped me.

Since doing the detox I have also found out about oil pulling (there is a forum for it here and it's wonderful) and I have also started taking bee pollen daily. These two things have also helped me immensely. I highly suggest looking into them as well.

Much luck to you and I know you have been through hell and you don't believe there is help - I truly wish for our sake that you are wrong and you can find what works for you. I hope I have helped a little...I really believe you can heal.

Also there is an incurables program put out by Dr. Schulze . You might want to look at that too??

many blessings

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