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Re: My cat's health....It's his food! by boatman ..... Animals & Pets Health Support

Date:   9/14/2007 11:01:57 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Whenever a vet says: "he's allergic to fleas" hear:"he's gluten-intolerant or possibly allergic to the dyes and other crap in most pet food" Did the vet test him for allergy to fleas? I doubt it.Whenever they see hair loss and scratching thats their answer.Buy some petguard (my favorite) or myrick's or newmans own-might have to go to the health food store.Go to the idiots with the md degrees will tell you the primary allergen to people and animals is high gluten wheat(thanks to the conquerers of the romans)which caused the dark ages,dairy (replacement of goats milk and cheese with that of the cow and the insuing crash of human immune systems that led to the great plagues of europe)&corn.The crash of the US corn market when china started growing their own and its proliferation into pet food in the 70's led to the decimation of two great breeds of dogs' the irish setter & the golden retriever,highly gluten intolerant breeds.And now sow.Better than a steady diet of grease but full of gluten and phytoestrogens.but here I go again. Get some healthy pet food.

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