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Re: ~Microchip Implants Cause Cancer~! by Ohfor07 ..... News Forum

Date:   9/9/2007 8:51:27 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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This is a potential downside to rescuing a pet from a shelter rather than doing it by way of what has become the modern standard - buying at a commercial pet outlet. Animal shelters tend to be fertile ground for experimenting with all kinds of new ideas, especially those that are early-generation experiments developed with the ultimate intention of being implemented upon humans. As it was explained to me the "laws" under which the no-kill shelter (where I adopted my dog) claim to be operating (the "regulations of"), they are/were "required by law" to chip all animals that they take into care/shelter while awaiting/hoping somebody to eventually come along and adopt..... "in the interests of the safety & wellfare of the animal, you see?".

Recently, while I had dog at the vet for an examination, I asked the vet if she could demonstrate for me how they use the wand/scanner to read the ID Number said to be contained in the chip that was injected between his shoulder blades near the nape. She left the room to go get a scanner, came back, waved it back and forth near the back of his head a few times, and each time the scanner squeaked and error message. Then she said "well, maybe it's not a perfect technology, yet... maybe the kind of chip he has is not compatible with our reader wand thingie. She left the room to go find another scanner. Meanwhile, I picked up the scanner she left behind, pressed a button, slowly scanned it across dog's nape, and an ID number popped up in the display, which I then wrote down for future reference in the interests of the dogs safety & wellfare, you see? ;) Vet walked back into the room a moment later, saw what I was doing, and became somewhat annoyed that I then demonstrated for her how to get this id-system to work.

As a side note, it is even more interesting in a sad, off-broadway tragedy of humanity kind of way that the majority of animals that eventually end up in a shelter came from retail outlets to begin with. In the past, a specimen example of this particular conditioned trait of the modern society has been - with christmas presently symbolizing the pinnacle of hyped commerce's collective state-of-the-art, it has been known to also be a time when, for instance, brain-washing favorites like 101 Dalmations are re-broadcast into the public consciousness.....predictably, retail sales of Dalmation puppies tend to soar in those non-discounted retail days leading up to 12/25......afterwhich, predictably, somewhere not long after the subsequent new year's cycle of holidy advertising hype begins (somewhere between furniture sales of President's day and candy/diamond sales come Valentine's day, give or take) the thrill of recently-past christmas fads is already fading among many children who are beging to lose their love "spark".... "chemistry" for their Sparky, often times in favor of madly desiring a new merchandizing-hype, and check-ins of Dalmation puppies at local shelters begins to soar.

RFID chips were found embedded in new 20-dollar-bill FRNs several years ago. Did this spread concern & alarm among the populous? Best I can tell, no, not really. If this can be fairly said to have caused any kind of alarm, it was the uptick in the propensity for many people to walk around spouting "oh, another Conspiracy theory!... oh me oh my, does EVERYthing have to be a conspiracy?", that kind of sentiment.

About 2 to 3 years ago, IBM was showcasing some of it's new commercials intended to program RFID into the minds of viewers portrayed as a "good thing" for we the culture. How/Why? Given the script of these particualar commericals "infotainment", because they helped demonstrate how a thoeretical derelict truck driver, lost in the desert with a load of vital commercial goods.... RFID saved the day by helping to get the delivery of vital goods to their intended destination. How?....according to the commercial, even though the truck driver was lost, since the the truck load of goods he was hauling apparently each contained a spiffy RFID embedded, these chips "phoned home"... called goods-delivery-911-receptionists (I think she even made a cameo in this commercial series), and thus saved the commercial day for all of retail goods marketing/selling/buying humanity; cute.

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