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before you take it out yourself!!! by fran74 ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   9/6/2007 10:15:20 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi... I posted a message letting everyone know I took mine out myself just a few days ago. Well, let me catch you up to date.
Just 2 days after I took it out ( myself) I was overwhelmed with the serious amount of bleeding that was taking place. I was (am) bleeding like I just had a baby. So, being that my OB/GYN is closed WEDNESDAYS I CALLED MY PCP to try to get in. I got an appointment fo rthe next day. ( today)
After admitting I took it out myself I was treated a little differently by the staff as I expected I would. I was told I probably tore soemthing when removing it. Seriously folks, I never felt anything tear, rip or snag.
Well, my PCP went ot do an exam and ofcourse it looked like a crime scene. ( sorry to be so graphic) He was taken back and sent me for an ultrasound right away. He explained that I might have to have a DNC to clean my insides out. Lovely. They did blood tests while at the dr's office for blood platelits (sp?) and they came back fine.
So, at the hospital, I had the ultra sound. I was freaking out. The thought of having a DNC was something I couldn't deal with because I am breastfeeding my 5 month old exclusively and she won't take a bottle. i was told they put you "under" for a DNC and no breastfeeding for 24 hours . ( to some that would be the least of the problems but not to me, my bond with my daughter is everything to me. ) While I was getting the internal ultrasound I was bleeding so badly the lady sent me straight to the emergency room ( after consulting with my PCP) So, once again I had to explain to the ER doc why I took it out yada yada yada. He did yet ANOTHER internal exam among other tests for my blood pressure and even a pregnancy test. He said I was not torn but it was the hormones ( not from the IUD but the norithindrone (sp) that had all the blood built up. 9 oh no.. it could NEVER be the fault of the IUD... noooooooo not THAT! grrrrrrr ) He also said that the side effects I was blaming on the IUD were most likely from the medicine ( norithindrone.. which is a birth control also BTW) and / or post partum depression. That's a bunch of crap. I couldn't be happier to have mt daughter and I didn't have any of these issues until after getting the IUD.

So ladies, the moral of the story is this.... DON'T TAKE IT OUT YOURSELF. The reason, the IUD can definitely rip you when coming out ( even though I didn't have that problem). The way it is removed by the Dr ( according to the nurse I asked ... is that they insert the same tool the put it in with so that it will "close" and become straight rather than shaped like a "T" so it won't harm you.

And for those of you who have had this problem with the bleeding I was told I could opt for a drug called "provera" which will stop the bleeding for a week or so all together, let it build up and then release. A "chemical DNC" if you will. No thanks. It is yet another hormone that will just cause me to "whack out" even more.

Also, I have just looked up some things on this excessive bleeding and what herbs can help me . Looks like I am headed to an herb shop tomorrow to see what I can find. Time to give natural medicine a chance and get my body back on track.

Hope this helps someone to make a right decision.

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