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Day 19 of Second Cleanse... finally feeling detox by chancesports ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   8/30/2007 10:00:59 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I started on August 12, the day I came back from a 10 day camping festival/event. Today is Day 19. It has been six months since I started the last MC, my first, after a health crisis. Just felt like posting some observations and comparisons.

1) I have had good energy, but felt more tired in the past few days - like my body is insisting on me getting nine hours of sleep a night.

2) I had no physical detox symptoms this time, until today, when I am feeling some mild pain in my forearms and lower legs. In the previous MC, I had pretty severe pain in my legs and my lower jaw ached, particularly the fleshy part underneath the tongue. I assume that was glands draining.

3) Last time, I had bowel movements with a lot of stuff from the salt water flushes until about day 8, when I passed a LOT of mucus. After that, every day the first trip to the bathroom would be dark but by the second or third trip, it would be clear. This time, even after the third trip I am still having opaque movements. I definitely changed habits after I came off the flush last time - not that I was perfect by any means but no fried food, no caffeine (except occasional black tea), no chocolate and not nearly as much Sugar (I kept mostly to maple-sweetened items if I had to). And much less meat, though I did eat disproportionately more during the 10 days prior to going on this flush. So maybe I have a little extra to get out (but still on day 19? I hope there's some old stuff coming out too!).

4) I prefer to put a lot more cayenne into my drinks - I don't notice it otherwise and I like the heat, even in the summer (it's filling). I don't have the heartburn I had before.

5) I also prefer to put more lemon or lime juice into the drinks, instead of exactly 1 oz juice and 1 oz maple syrup. Because of my schedule (I don't sit at a desk) and low carrying ability (I take public transport everywhere), I make three-four drinks at a time, depending on the size of my bottle. So I usually put 1/2 oz more of juice into the bottle than maple syrup, and that makes it more tangy and less syrupy.

At this point I have met several colleagues who have also done the Master-Cleanse for 10 days or so. They are always amazed that my first flush was for 26 days and I intend to do 30 days this time. I always tell them this: even if I chose to end the flush right here and now, I wouldn't be able to eat "real food" anyway. So I might as well see it through to the planned end and enjoy the fact that I am letting myself heal. The wait is always worth it.

Thanks all, and happy cleansing!

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