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Re: Hello oil pulling people! by summerhaunt ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   8/10/2007 3:32:37 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Welcome, AJD24.

Oil pulling stimulates the gall bladder. It's like mini-flushes. When I first started, my BM's were a nice brown color and a good consistency, no constipation, and I could feel the gall bladder working as it should.

I've tried the epsom salt/olive oil and grape fruit flushes, but I cannot stomach them anymore. The thought of the taste of either makes me nauseous, and is for me one case where the cure is worse than the problem. So when it comes to gall bladder flushing I am trying alternatives, so am very happy with the mini-flushing/gall bladder stimulation oil pulling gives.

I've recently had a sluggish gall bladder and constipation, but I put that down to the detox from the Iodine I'm taking. But I'm thinking that's past, as I felt last night what felt like two large stones pass through. I had had some pressure the last couple weeks, so this week I did some coffee enemas, ACV and apple juice, in addition to the Iodine et al. Last night what I think got things moving again was a homemade limeade, and an egg salad sandwich, then a little while later my omega fish oils, and maybe a lot of wishful thinking as I mentally encouraged myself to squeeze the blockage out of the gall bladder. That's when within about 5 minutes I felt two strong tight squeezes with a little pain in my gall bladder and I think I must have passed stones. The gall bladder then for a while got the pulsing feeling I used to get when I did the flushes.

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