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Re: I've seen that thanks by Webmaster ..... Liver Flush Debate Forum

Date:   5/1/2004 4:44:00 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Dear em,

you said:

> there is no evidence that the tested stones were the result of a liver flush.

Let's, just for a second, imagine that such evidence exists.

If evidence that tested stones were the result of a Liver Flush actually exists, what evidence would that be?, to satisfy your extra high standards of skepticism?

What evidence would satisfy your thirst for truth? Please, be as specific as possible. Your future here depends on it!

If you are as eager to find the truth, why is it that you never tried flush yourself? It seems to me, you are trying very hard to prove that "there is no evidence" ... ever since you came to this board ... while you never attempted to produce that evidence on your own ... or at least to offer your help in producing such evidence.

Many of your messages sound as if you expect us to produce evidence and to convince you. As if you are someone who needs a special treatment. Is that what you believe this board is all about?

Several moderators already suggested that you 100% fit definition of a forum troll and that you and people like you don't belong to curezone.

I said: "give him one last chance".

Here is your last chance to explain your position:

Why are you here on Liver Flush Forum ?

Why do all of your messages sound as classic forum trolling?

What evidence, in what form, would satisfy your skepticism?

My imression, based on what you wrote, is:
You don't have any experience with liver flush? Am I right?

In your messages, it sounds as you have no interest in doing flush whatsoever?

Why hang here? Just so that you can prove that you are a skeptic?

That your skepticism has bases?

That you can prove that other people are stupid for believing in such ridiculous theory?

Just so you can prove that you know more then "The Experts"?

To prove that you are smarter then the other people here?

To prove that Andreas is a lier, when he claims that he passed calcified gallstones?

To prove that people who claim that they passed calcified Gallstones are liars?

Are you aware that with your behavior you are implying that my grandma, my father and my uncle are liars?

My grandma passed over 28 calcified stones of different color, many of them bigger than marbles, after a sinlge liver flush. The stones were as hard as rock, and she keept them for many years. Both my father and my uncle have seen the stones.

So, now, you come to this forum and you want to tell me that my grandma, my father and my uncle are liars? Beware, this is a very serious accusation! You better get some proof before you come forward with such accusations!

Are you here to troll this forum, or are you here to support fellow members in their quest for health?

Don't save on words. I invested a lot of time in this message ... more then what I wanted.


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