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Re: Losing everything by addictions free ..... Lonely Hearts Support Forum

Date:   7/10/2007 11:43:04 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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......Wow! you have lived quite a diverse, adventerous life. I remember as a young child dreaming about that kind of a life. All of it spelled FREEDOM and PEACE with no worries. I remember looking-up to my siblings during the 60's and felt such an attraction to their way of life and I saw it as the ultimate, no stress, no worries. when I reached the fork in the road of security and freedom... I chose the road that lead to what I believed was security every once in awhile peeking over at what I saw as freedom.

I loved reading your post it took me backCool

I had often thought what will become of me when I reach the "Golden Years" (fingers crossed) if I reach them.....

The years when you no longer can go where you want to go....instead you are at the mercy of those who have the strength of their youth. Then what? Will I need to sucume to depression and lonlyness as my body and brain weaken? My confidence would no longer be able to be in my strength and ability that allows me to do what I want to do. Ahhh...the "Wretched Golden Years"????

Some food for thought...

My father in-law had lived a full life before he passed away at 80 some- odd -years. His life was full, adverse with both good times and bad. In his later years something years as he began to show mild symptoms of diminishing health he took quite an interest to make a few life style changes. Not many, just a few. He got into drinking carrot juice everyday taking vitamins and doing some mld detoxing unknowingly. He also started into drinking fresh green Juice not alot just from time- to- time.

I can honestly tell you that dispite his failing health he carried with him a contagious smile. He was a joyful man about 70% of the time. I personally would have expected the opposite and wouldn't blame him one bit. My husband had told me that growing up he was quite the opposite. I believe what my husband says is true, I just could not picture it.

I thought I was the first one awake on Easter morning until I heard that familar chuckle. I looked out the kitchen window and saw my father- in- law out on the deck sitting in his wheelchair enjoying the  awake of morning. His contagious smile invited me out to join him.  The sound of all the birds chirping was so loud I wondered why it didn't wake me or any one else for that matter. He said to me, "you, missed the sun rise!" "listen to the birds, hear their love call's" he said the sounds were  so beautiful, and exillarting like two people making love!!! He told me he couldn't believe that he never noticed this all his life.

That day I decided I would wake to see the sunrise and take time to listen to the birds and smell the roses. I would take time and search for all the majestic things in God's creation that I had just past by. 

I believe my father-inlaw experienced a peace and a joy that passes understanding because of his faith, the things he did regarding his health in the later years I believe contibuted to his emotional stability, and he now had the time to see.

Only once since that morning did I take the time to see the sun rise and revel at the handi work of God's creation. I hope to visit there again before my Golden Years (If make it ). In the mean time I'll continue in my studies of Amino Acid Therapy as it applies to brain wellness (and pass the info on that it may help others as it has helped my,family) I will continue drinking fresh Green Drinks and detoxify from time to time and even though my body will eventually fail me It is my prayer that we can keep our mind and spirit strong.

One last thought...


You, have had some interesting experiences that most people may never have. sharing those (good&bad) will be closest we may ever get to experiencing it and I believe you have come to the right place.

Lonleyness may be just a temporary spot...

Wishing you the very best in happyness!!!

Take care,

Addictions Free



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