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PCOS: Ovulation rates soar from 1.3% to 49.3% after only 5 days on NAC! by LBD ..... Infertility & Fertility Forum

Date:   7/9/2007 10:09:18 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I know two people who were unable to conceive, one with PCOS and the other had lupus and both tried an synthetic amino acid called NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) to conceive. They both did conceive within a short period of time, like one month.

During a time of prayer, I felt led to see whether there was any literature to support what I believed had happened. I found this research using 150 women with PCOS. They took the NAC for 5 days ONLY starting at day 3 of their cycle. It was a controlled study and the ovulation rate prior to NAC was 1.3%, after taking the NAC for 5 days (that's just so amazing) the ovulation rate went up to roughly 49.3% and approx. half of those in the NAC group conceived.

The lady I mentioned with lupus took the NAC for the entire pregnancy but it's not recommended as it's effects on an unborn child are not well known. I think it would be fairly safe to take it for the first 12-14 days and then stop and repeat again if you get your period. I found for myself, as I'm approaching perimenopause and my cycle started shortening, that NAC was the only thing I took that was able to restore my cycle to 28 days, even natural progesterone did not do that for me.

Anyway, here's the info for the fertility research and NAC:

N-acetyl-cysteine is a novel adjuvant to clomiphene citrate in clomiphene citrate–resistant patients with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Fertility and Sterility, Volume 83, Issue 2, Pages 367-370

A. Rizk, M. Bedaiwy, H. Al-Inany

and can be found by plugging in the title into the 'search for' field at

There is also another study done years before that showed NAC was capable of normalising insulin levels in women with PCOS in a six week study. If you have PCOS you'll know that abnormal insulin levels are at the core of this disorder.

Finally, on a different note, I would also recommend a Christian book called 'A More Excellent Way' or contacting Pastor Wright's ministry. They have had success in treating PCOS and Lupus and fertility issues by addressing their spiritual roots. This Christian ministry is focused on researching roots to disease, via clues in the scripture and through their ministry experience. They don't claim to have the answer to everything but PCOS, lupus and infertility are disorders that they have had success with.


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