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Re: Lyme and Master Cleanse? by #72499 ..... Lyme (Lime) Disease Forum

Date:   7/4/2007 11:58:01 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Well it's been awhile since this post has been active.

I just wanted to know how your Master-Cleanse went. Did you make it to day 40?
How do you feel?

I did the Master-Cleanse this year for the first time for 40 days. At the time,
I did not know I had Lymes disease, I found out shortly after. I was
having some terrible digestive problems that the doctors couldn't
figure out and just wanted me to take Prilosec but I'm not one for
taking drugs to masks problems. I'm a believer in finding the CAUSE!

The Master-Cleanse definately took care of my digestive problems that I sure were
due to the Lymes. It attacks every part of your body. I figured I've
had it for at least 7 years.

I was referred to an Alternative doctor by a friend and finally called
him. He didn't find it until my 3rd visit. His little machine that you
hold a copper rod (forgot the name) didn't pick it up. It just picked
up some nutritional deficencies. Then he decided to do a muscle test.
That's how he found it. I had given him, like my other allopath doctors,
a detailed sheet of all my symptoms, supplements, diet, and episodes.
He is treating me only with a herbal tincture. It's called Bio Active
Homeopathic LYM D-HpP and LYM D. I noticed a difference the first week
I was taking it.

Now that I found out I have Lymes, I've read up on it and can't believe
that EVERY symptom on that sheet are symptoms for Lymes! I never
considered it before because I never really knew about it. When I tell
people that I finally know what's wrong with me, a lot have never even
heard of it and others don't believe I have it because they don't
understand that it is very hard to diagnose and blood test don't pick it
up, especially after you've had it so long.

Anyway, the MC didn't make me any worse and felt better after doing it.
I too was gaining weight and knew there had to be an explaination.
I lost 30lbs by doing the MC when NOTHING else worked no matter what
I ate or how much I exercised. Very frustrating!

I've done other cleanses in the past and I do think that they all helped
me a little but never completely because they weren't killing the bacteria.
The tinture I'm taking doesn't really kill the bacteria, it helps my own
immune system attack it. Homeopathy is confusing to me in how it works.
All the energy stuf.....My little pea brain finds it hard to comprehend
much and I know that's from this disease. But I am slowly getting better.

Hope you find the road to recovery. :o)


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