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Re: Candida back with a vengence by angelofeventide ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   7/1/2007 6:18:29 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I am on a protocol right now through my doctor that will include a three month period of Nystatin (Rx anti-fungal), a two week period of Diflucan (for vaginal candida) and high doses of quality megadophilus. I haven't even started the Nystatin yet, just doing the diet and already I am having major die-off. I am Bemmer is one of the posters on here and she sees a naturopath in New Zealand that treats conditions with homeopathics. He got rid of her mercury toxicity issue in three weeks using homeopathic and that is simply miraculous. I am thinking that after I do my initial protocol with my doctor, may follow up with Bemmer's ND for a maintenance kind of thing with the homeopathics. She's doing so great and has a ton of problems like we all have. Many naturopaths can treat long distance and often all you have to do is send in a cutting of your hair and they can make up a formula for you just by how your hair reads. I'm just waiting for her to give me his name and email addy and then I'm going to email him. But the other poster is right. Candida is always an underlying disease of a main disease like thyroid issue, heavy metal toxicity, etc. In fact, I read on the Mercury Chelation board on CZ that you should not even cleanse the candida out until you get the mercury out first. Some things to mull over.


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