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Re: Revisit Commercial Forum Status by Lapis ..... Webmaster Support & Suggestions

Date:   8/3/2006 4:35:17 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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There is a saying that their works may they be known. ;-)

Not what others say "their" works are but what they can be seen to be out in the open.

I have ignored the axes as not to defend my ego. A meaningless dance from all sides. Perception must be left up to the individual and mirrors and biases are very much at play. Like Byron katie says, there are three things going on. My reality. Your reality. God's reality (totality). In the two former many misconceptions and filteres can be present that paint biases. Some times these biases are painted intentionally. Either way they are not the truth.

I examine belief sytems and political and "health" political landscapes which has brought some "attention" my way. I examine these because it is my intention to share that health starts with the mental/spiritual code.

For the record, criticizing political leaders such as Bush does not equate to "hating America" as some have flown. Examining other belief systems in not a "hatred" of people who currently resonate with those belief systems. It is purely an examination of the thought forms...separate from the individual. I am fascinated by human behavior and beleive that our belief systems are at the root of our physical health.
Many people just begining exploration into alternative halth have not yet made this connection, but eventually will (in my opinion).

By the examination and proverbial slaying of sacred cows, can we remove the attachements that have power over us. But it must also be said that the slaying of these "cows" tends to stir some people. People that have identified with them to such a degree that their character is insperable from them. Fears arsise and coping mechanisms take on many forms ranging from anger to confusion. I fully understand.



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