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Re: Revisit Commercial Forum Status by Lapis ..... Webmaster Support & Suggestions

Date:   8/3/2006 3:29:41 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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"Profiting from CureZone should NOT exist, not in any way, shape, or form, and to encourage its further development, or to create a pigeonhole to encourage known salesmen is defeatist in my opinion and further denigrates an already ailing site."

Non commercial forums. This is the way curezone used to be. Read on.

Some would argue that Andreas profits from book sales, but here's the difference. His ebooks are less than 15 dollars and chalked full of original info, whereas the fore mentioned has a photocopied book of a preauthored book for well over a hundred dollars and promotes it ad naseum as well as products. Almost a daily occurance. Andreas doesn't push his books but is there to support the material in them. Andreas has never taken this approach, but technically, his forum would fall under the "commercial" designation. This would not hurt Andreas's forum though, as people would seek him out anyway, as evidenced by the fact his forum has been inactive for many months, but still remains in the top 10 (without any drama to get it there). If he had the time to share, his forum would climg to number question.
Both the Hulda Clark and Shulze forums are not there to drive sales (the authors are not there to promote anything themselves) but are there soley for the mutual support of people who share these authors protocols. Sales pitches are not part of these forums. I have noticed on more than one occasion though, that people from other forumns try and steer people away from these forums to their own forum where their products are being pushed.

Anyway, there is likely a snow ball's chance in Hell that commercial forums will be taken away now that they have been allowed to be established here at curezone, and the Webmnaster has made it very clear that *anyone* can now have their own forum, even Stephen Barrett from quackwatch, soooooo..... This was not the sentiment in the past but a corner was turned.

The best way to make lemonaide from lemons in this particular case may be to cordone off commercialism and give unsuspecting health searchers a decent heads up of possible agendas, instead of lumping commerical forums with Support Forums and thus getting a stamp of approval from the curezone banner. There are still some that continue to fight for this meshing. Why? Covered later. Many people would buy from a vendor soley because of their affiliations with curezone even though they are not officially endorsed.

To CF. I fought like "H" to keep commercialism off curezone. As you can see my efforts were overpowered by a key, but powerful few. Now what I aim for is to at least offer a clear and upfront designation so people aren't drawn into things unawarely.

Are you familiar with the term "agent provocatuer"? In my opinion, we definately have have them and they are working hard here. Not so obvious to some but for those aware, it is very obvious. Just pay attention beyond the niceities and for the perception tweaks by entities and what they lead to.

To think the number 2 alternative health site would go unchallenged would be naive. In my estimation the site has long been breached (inside and out). There are some that even knowing this, still remain here, only to be shining lights offering people to entrain to sensible info and empower themselves to discern their own path and not be led into traps (such as disinfo, drama, sales pitches and other things fostered for disruption). The good ones are easy to spot. My freind Owen is one such entity. Andreas is another. I try my best to help. People like Uniquity and Invincible are all jewels and there are many more.

Agent provovaters really don't care how things break down as long as they do. They spread lies, divide members, defame, wield doubt and foster drama, all in the hopes to cause disruption and confusion, which in turn, creates uncertainty and inevitably, lack of credibility. The end result of this is innocent people lose.. the globalists (pharma win). This game is being played all over the internet by a masterful, and often very rooted in and stealthy, team of specialists(actors) whose sole purpose is to cause sites to slowly become ineffective by a spiral of decay into drama, disinfo, confusion and credibility death. Trojan horses abound and in this day and age, on the info highway, there are teams of these horses galloping. Watch for them. Connect the dots. The players can be plainly seen. Watch for motivation. What is pumped up and what is side tracked, etc.

When connecting those dots, remember to use the "Posts by X" button and look for those pivotal plot points. Those critical places where characters swoop in out of nowhere and work the lines of perception. Then you will plainly see *that* perception is being tweaked. The same players rush in, right on que, over and over and spin and tweak with an end result in mind. The agenda? Discredit the credible and prop up the non credible, pump up the drama. Lie and deceive! Disrupt!

Be wise my friends. Be aware. ;-)

Be responsible for yourself.

Like my freind Andreas says..."for some I am a powerful mirror".

In service


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