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My first "BIG" flush by Ragnarok ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   6/30/2007 10:35:23 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I first learned about Liver Flushing about 5 years ago back when I was 22. Between then and about this past April I have done maybe about 7 liver flushes.... but never consecutively. I would do about 1 or 2 and say I'd had enough. I've been battling with Acne since my early teens, and I've finally had enough and told myself I'm going to flush until it goes away.

I'm using Andreas Moritz 's program, and I started my cleansing "mission" in May and just finished my 3rd cleanse last weekend. The first one seemed about what I had normally gotten in the past... a few medium sized stones, and a bunch of smaller ones. My second one didn't yield much at all, I'd say MAYBE 100 total throughout the day, mostly smaller than usual. My 3rd cleanse actually scared me a little. The first bowel movement of the day produced more stones than I'd gotten from an entire cleanse in the past. Each bowel movement had a few pretty big stones, a bunch of medium ones, and hundreds if not thousands of little teeny tiny stones. My liver actually felt really tender for a couple days and would feel a little sore if I laughed or coughed. I was really surprised, but I'm sure I still have some work to do.

My Acne actually really cleared up on my face, but I still have a good amount on my arms and chest... which in my opinion is more embarassing. I don't plan on stopping until it's all gone, or until I just stop passing stones. I do have a question though, are there any good supplements I can take to prevent my liver from getting stones in the first place? Or good foods? I mean, with my 3rd cleanse the thing that surprised me most was I couldn't believe that amount of stones would even FIT inside my liver. If my liver is really that congested, I want to make sure it never happens again.

Hopefully this does the trick!

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