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Wow! Amazing Gentle Flush Results by justnmerciful ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   4/7/2007 8:29:00 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hello Everyone,

I've done 3 egg, oil and juice flushes. These have been done at the rate of once per week or slightly more, maybe 10 days. They, as are the castor oil packs, are helpfing to keep the discomfort level down in my liver/right side while I prepare sufficiently to do the HC flush.

Two days ago I did the 3rd one and wow, oh wow! Unbelievable! The day progressed just like the previous 2 had, but at the end of the day something very unexpected occurred.

A few hours after ingesting the egg, oil and juice I always take a dose of Epsom Salts . So, like I said, everything was progressing as usual with the passing of butt pee, a couple stones here and there, congested bile, chaff... the usual... nothing out of the ordinary. But! The putt pee continued longer than it ever had before and then at 10pm... lol, the water level in the toilet was raised a good 2 INCHES!!! with congested bile! What a surprise that was!

To raise the water level that much there had to be a tremendous amount passed. Matter of fact, if it had not been for quick evasive action, there would have been an overflow! LOL!!

I then thought to weigh myself and I weighed several pounds less than I did that morning. Of course I thought the weight loss could be attributed to water weight, but 2 days later I still weigh 7 pounds less than I did the morning of this 3rd flush!

I can only attribute this massive amount getting flushed out to taking Malic Acid daily and maybe also that I had apple juice with dinner that night as well as 2 more glasses after dinner.

Also, with this flush, it was the only time that I had felt what was described by who originally shared this method as: feeling a suction on the liver after ingesting the mixture. Oh, and this time was the only time I layed back down after drinking it too.

I am so amazed and pleased! Anyone else experience anything like this with any flush, any type?


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