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Re: I Can Recover Most Blogs and Some Posts, let Me Know... by Aharleygirl ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   4/5/2007 12:16:19 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi Zoe, you start by doing this, i typed my secret life zoebess into google and got the cached page.  then i shortened the url with  copy this url to another window:

see all the titles, you put them in one by one to google and put your name, example: zoebess. they should come up and click on cache. sometimes you have to put the subtitle of your article, too. you can do the same thing for your picture posts, but i don't think the images will show up, so you would need to repost and use the pictures from the link below. to recover pictures, simply go to google and type in your name and click on images just above the search box.  i have had 100% luck with blogs, but posts do not always show up.  you might try, too. blogs 4 days and older came up for me.

*some posts will not show up no matter what, but, there is a way around that sometimes, use search instead.


 i could only get the mosaic from google when i typed in this message:

what does it taste like?  by Ladislao 

but on yahoo, i got the actual cache of the post:

*once you get your messages  you can copy and paste them onto the FCK editor of a new post.  there will likely be colored backgrounds on some some words.  i have found that after you paste it, if you hit select all, then bold and unbold, it takes the colored backgrounds away.

also, what you can do to get back pictures, is when you put in the post that has the pic and you click cache and see no picture, there will be a url, take part of that, for example: ossabawalleeofoaks.jpg and paste it into google, then click on images.  an example, type into google: Re: beautiful picture by Zoebess.  this will come up: (i shortened the url with if the photo doesn't show up, then, take the name of the photo only (such as: ossabawalleeofoaks.jpg) and paste it into google and click images.  here is what comes up:

if you want all pictures by zoebess, type that name in and click images.  here is what you get:

here is an example, type in to google:  Be at Peace and Know zoebess

this is what it brings up.  click on cached:

by Zoebess 29 messages, 29 messages per page, 1 pages, viewed 3996 times ... Be at Peace. and Know. Psalm 24 ... - 31k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages



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