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Re: started cleanse but just realized I made a mistake... by almostthere ..... Ask Humaworm: Parasites

Date:   1/15/2007 11:16:40 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Thank you Humaworm. My husband was still feeling nauseaus, I passed along your info and he took TWO pills tonight. I gave him peppermint & ginger tea and he went to bed. If he can hang in there, I think he'll make it. If it's too much and he quits, then I'm hoping he'll try again in 3 mos.

Regarding double dosing - I got this from your response to an earlier post(see below). I'm thinking I'm in the same boat doing parasite cleansing for 3 years plus. But if you advise staying on the two pills, twice daily, I will. I'm just not seeing any die off or evidence. I felt a little off the first few days, saw a small few worm pieces but I've seen more in other cleanses so I'm wondering if this is really hitting me hard enough. Your thoughts on this are most helpful.


still working on it :)

Posted on 9/13/06, Re: Superparasites by humaworm

Let's hope not! That was awful! First things first - you must STOP any and all herbal medications. This is the hardest part - the waiting. You only need to take Milk Thistle 600mg twice per day for a total od 1200mg per day. (If you are taking birth control pills - use a different method of BC while taking Milk Thistle because it will interfere with them.) Take this everyday for 60 days - it will remove all traces of other herbal "poisons" and chemicals from your body.

Then start fasting with only fruits, vegetables, juices and water for 30 days. This will weaken the parasites. Then take a DOUBLE DOSE of HUMAWORM (or another good parasite cleanse) for 30 days. If you feel nauseated during the cleanse, take an enema. If you feel the least bit constipated during the cleanse, take an enema - it will quickly flush out parasites and toxins. While cleansing, keep up with the fasting. Don't give them the FOOD they NEED to survive! Make them weak and hungry, make them migrate to seek out a better feeding place - then POUR the HERBS to them HARD AND HEAVY!

It is not an easy task, but it is the only way I know of.


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