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Re: Castor Oil orally has CURED my bloating... by San2006 ..... Castor Oil Remedies Forum

Date:   1/14/2007 10:08:27 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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here is my protocol for CO flush.

1. Wake up early in morning on a holiday, and mix 60 ml of CO + 100 ml of Orange Juice, well, in a bottle.

2. Hold the nose and drink the concoction. Immediately pop a mint in my mouth and let go off the nose.

3. I bypass the taste this way. I have not had any vomiting, but sometimes I get the nasty burps, and feel the taste. But thats about it.

4. I can move around the house, do my chores, or just lie down.

5. An hour after, I start drinking lukewarm water, ( as much as I can tolerate). This is to give a hot-wash to my intestines.

6. I start having bowel movements, in an hour or so. I once counted and I had something like 12 BMs with this amount of dose, which lasted for 6-7 hours.

7. I skip breakfast, that day, and have a light lunch like khichidi. I also eat some fruits. Any fruit is good, as they are easily digested.

8. By dinner time I am normal, and can have normal dinner. Although, I still keep it light and healthy( No fried stuff).

9. I feel 100% better next day and diarrhea is gone. I also noticed, that bowels are dark brown coloured, implying that bile flow is adequate.

10. I try to do CO oil cleanse, once a month.

For my last 3 LFs, I combined CO cleanse as well. That is do CO cleanse in morning, follwed by LF that day. But now I am doing only CO flushes. And not doing Liver Flushing. My bloating is seriously gone.

I realise the importance of cleansing out Liver, Stomach and Intestines. If they are not clean, disease is just on its way to bite us. And a bloated tummy is just a sign of sickness. SO I wanted to fix it, by all means.

I have tried a lot of things in the past one year, since I came to Curezone. A anti-candida diet, Coconut Oil, Liver Flushing, SWF, ES purges etc. But nothing has worked like this castor Oil cleanse. One thing, which I stayed away was Enemas/Colonics etc. Never wasted my time /money on those.

So now I am doing CO cleanse ( once a month), cold showers ( every day), drink one liter of lukewarm water with lemon/honey ( evrery morning). I also exercise and try to skin brush. I am 31yrs F, weigh 120lbs.

In my opinion try this CO clease 4-5 times, done evry 2 weeks and see if the size of your tummy goes down. It really went down in my case!!!!


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