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Re: Lack of Personal Responsibility by mh ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   12/30/2006 8:48:45 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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THANKS for taking the time to educate others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The very best medical auhtors I love agree 100% with what you have done.

Nature can slowly reverse alot of problems causes in the woumb as a child grows, if only the parents allow it.

I heard back from a mom that took their 5 year old boy to see my Chiropractor. The boy has been drugged from early on, fed a 100% meat diet and taken to the hospital everytime he sneezed, etc. and natural can not talk or walk well, etc.

The first visit to the chiropractor I guess he was kicking and screaming like an animal that was just captured and put on a show.

They got him up on the table and the REAL doctor went right for the skull and pushed down real hard and everyone heard the bone "crunch" and about freaked out!! They had never went to such a doctor before and did not know what to expect.

The doctor explained the first vertabra was out of place and probably had been so since birth, he then reworked the entire skull and spine/body and had this boy there for an hour, the cost $35. I told that mother to get an appointment for herself and her children were FREE, but she was too scared, she wasn't going to allow her body to be touched by a "quack"....

The wild boy now HUGGS his new NO HARM DOCTOR and has seen him 3 times. He is already saying mommy and daddy for the first time and does not spend his day destroying the house. He is taking the Christopher Formula Mind Trac and no drugs for the first time.

The boy is starting to live drug free for the first time since he was conceived.

The boy is a mess, what the parents have been lead to beleive as sever. My Chiropractor stated to them he has worked with ALLOT more SEVERE cases where the parents had poisoned their child from the get go.. He is educating these parents as he helps the boy, HE KNOWS it is the parents that need the most help, it is they who will decide if this boy received poison or good foods.

The public schools have created this problem, the MDS own the colleges and I have no doubt, they own the schools as well, all lumped into what we can call big brother the farmer of the stock, we being the stock.

"IF" a child must be raised on wild fruits ONLY, then give him wild fruits ONLY, many today were born toxic and can not tolerate more toxic food, so their bodies do not develope well.

We have allot of intellagent people in this world today, but I suggest a child raised on wild fruits would make these well educated people seem like idiots, the well developed child would see the lies within the books and not be sucked into evil things. Wisdom is how much trust a person has in God, not books. When this body is dead, the book education will be burned in the fire and 100% worthless, because all humans have the wisdom of GOD, all humans "KNOW ALL", every human knows the past of the universe back to the beginning of time, all humans know how God created the universes, what can man put in a book that God does not know the truths about? What ever God knows, humans also know, after they are released from school!

The greatest people learn while sleeping; an example Thomas Edison. He learned how to ask questions in his sleep, others such as Cacey learned how to read a book while sleeping and then learned how to travel any where in the world while sleeping and many learned how to go back thousands of years while in their sleep, etc., etc. Today any human can be made to speak any language on earth, including animal, not with years of reading books, but in just 2 minutes time.

The MIND is of GOD, the thinking mind, resist the MIND, God gave us the abilitiy of mind, while animals can not. We have the ability to sin, while animals do not.

The ancient schools teached how to get control of the MIND, known as wisdom/enlightenment. The catholic pope murdered these teachers and stole all the information and has kept it secret for over 2,000 years, we know these past 2,000 years as the dark ages, or the age of the CHURCH/Government.

People are made stupid by books........ The church printed the first book and has controlled the history books from day one as an effort to cover up their evil acts.

A human that trust God, believes in the power that they have and treats their body like the temple is/was designed to be the house of God, have no special powers, they are only experincing their normal powers they have had for thousands of years before this body came along.

The un-polluted human, who was fully developed, never looses a tooth, has a large skull, and communicates around the world with his/her own sonar system in their sinus cavities. The Church sought to murder every one of these people and today we know their past homes as ruins, anyone living past the age of 150 was known as the DEVIL and was burned/murdered. All wars have the church behind the slaughters, it was started over 2,000 years ago and has not stopped yet, the current wars are all about mason leaders/religion. Oil is a cover up, big brothers all know how to use endless supplies of electric/hydrogen, etc. Oil is just an excuse to murder all the non-mason leaders and religions that are not the catholic religion started 2,000 years ago. Just as NASA is a cover up so the slaves "BELIEVE" we need this Giant Source of power to send this little ship into the air.. It is all false/fake. For over 60 years big brother has known the secrets of magnetism and unlimited powers of the universe/travel. The church/government plays this HUGE GAME in an effort to maintain control via the CHURCH/HELL/DEVIL fear tactics, otherwise, the slaves would soon relaize they are equal and would laugh at anyone who wanted to control them.

To achieve this, the church/government murders millions and millions of people, it worked 2,000 years ago when they murdered 70+ million, they gained control of the world and anytime they choose, they murder the masses. Example: abortion, wars, toxic chemicals added to the air, water, food. This alone accounts to millions of deaths every year. The farmer wants X amount of people to manage, period.....

This is WHY, you learn to feed your selves, be your own physciain, etc., etc. BOOK I was written by a Surgeon, one of the BEST, he nick named his little book; BE YOUR OWN PHYSCIAN........................................... Oranges allows for this and a little common sense about food.

Religion? FORGET RELIGION, GOD is within YOU!!!!!!!! You don't need to find him or trust another human with this, God is as close as your next thought... You have the power with in you of GOD and this scares the church/government. Peace comes with accepting that you are created by God as a temple for him to live in.. It takes no genious to know that you are the sons/daughters of GOD and knowing so, who/what has power over you????? NO ONE - NO THING unless you allow consious mind to deny God, deny MIND............. Consious mind is mislead by teachers/books/parents..

This is why, the ancients/Paul had one bit of advice, give to Ceasar, that which is His and give to God, that which is His. Ceasar being government/$$$ and your body being God's. God created you nude and provides your food free, known as air/sunshine.

Paul believed this, he traveled to the Monks and received advanced education such was common in the days of the Great schools of the Pyramids and Paul returned home with the power to speak all languages, take his body and travel with it anywhere in the world in seconds, he had no sex, no foods, no need for $$$$$$$$, no need for a house, etc. He trusted God to provide all he needed and relied on NO MAN. Paul tried to teach the masses what he had learned and the religious leaders sought to murder him, in fear they no longer could trick the people, so they could live their lives of luxory, while the slaves worked for them.

Paul left at approx. 108 years in the body, the world made temples to him and his statues circle the earth. The church later destroyed these temples and tossed the statues of Paul into the water or smashed them into dust in an effort to erase his history. The church failed to erase the history of Paul, so it created the New Testament Bible and still the people of the world battled the church and the church had to murder over 70 million of them and continues yet today. The battles are over the church Jesus, people murder in the name of church/jesus and others murder to keep the jesus education out of their countries..

The story of Jesus started as a lamb on a cross in the Pyramids, a symbol of human magnetisim. This lamb became a man just prior to the first printing of the bible, this man was APPOLUS, aka PAUL.... The Pope split the stories of Appolous in an effort to pervert the ancient history; in the past 2,000 years over 2,000 off shoots of the popes church have developed, all based on false pope history. All 2,000+ religions battle with words, believing they are BETTER.. The church sets back and says all is well, the masses hate each other, we can control them with LAW/JAIL. The church desires all parents to divorce, it allows LAW to have control over the dads/slaves. This keeps 2 million in jail in the USA alone.

There is no peace on earth to those that trust $$$$/Ceasar, only those that trust God, have peace, they need no other human/no object, their pleasure is sitting on the thrown with God their Father.

This is why the church had no problem slaughtering the Godly people, they will not lift up a sword, they will not lower them selves. So here we are once again, in the days of Noah, the Godly people are few and evil reins down their poisons upon this earth, known as wars/chemicals/germ warfare. When the rocks come, the Godly person will look to the skies and Trust God, while the evil people will dig holes and try to hide. The bunker busting meterors will smash mountains into dust.

Don't believe it? Take a look at the moons surface, it is our WARNING that these rocks can be HUGE and smash deep into the earth. We know the rocks do not smash all, because thousands of Pryamids still exist today.

War is every where, the skies are full of it, our air is polluted with it, our foods are loaded with it, our water tainted, war is all around us in many forms. Read the stories of Noah, Noah never lived, but the Story is true, it is a allagory of earths history. One ship did survive the last rocks and it was given the story of Noah, it still exist today and the anchors are covered in the Noah Story, but Noah never existed, God needs no boat to hold his animals, he can create them just as he creates the rain.



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