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Kids, by MH by mh ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   12/29/2006 9:29:41 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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In the past few days I have seen two young boys that can't walk, can't talk and look worse than chronic MS, they were born OK and by age 1 they were all screwed up and by age 5 medical drugs had made them vegetables.

The one that I know of better, has eaten meat from the get go, 3x daily or more as instructed by loving meat eating parents, who trusted their baby doctors and pumped the little body full of vaccine/drugs and by age 5 you have a child that needs 24 hour care that will drive any mother straight up a wall unless the kid is drugged down.

1 trip to the chiropractor and meat reduced to i meal per day and the kid went drug free for the first time in his life and used the simple herbs in place for the calming effects.

Parents in general just do not get it, they see zero harm with meat 3x daily and zero harm with drugs/vaccines and a large percentage who were raised on these drugs, now have babies that can't walk/talk...

They ask me what to do and I say do the OLD Dr. Christopher method:
Pitch your meat to a hole and burrie it.
Pitch all your commerical foods to the trash.
Distill your water.
Pitch your drugs, run from the drug pushers and not to them.
Stop poisoning your child and watch Nature restore that child as much as is possible with fresh sweet fruits.

The replys I get back commonly:
He won't eat any fruits or vegetables and eats ONLY MEAT and with out the drugs he won't hold still.

Children are the results of their parents, PERIOD.. All ill children come from parents who chose to live their way, Nature does not punish unjustly.

The first 3 months in the mother woumb makes or breaks the child, PERIOD!!!!!!!!! "IF" mom is lacking proper health, she will pass her diseases to her child and cells will be lacking and the damage is done, for LIFE all in those first 3 months... No mother is innocent, her duties are the largest in the world and she forfits much of her own life to produce a new life.

Nature can help the baby over come much of its mother's short comings, when permitted to do so. But, how many parents trust GOD over the MD and his drugs????

Very FEW! Even the church going crowd LOVES their hospitals/drugs.. The results? Were loaded with ill children and a government that desires each girl to take birth control or become producers for the abortion clinics that sale the babies to be used for rich women's make up/ lotions and potions, etc.

What a hard lesson to learn. Dr. John R. Christopher 100% believed that the child picks his life and his parents so the lessons can be learned as they must be learned. So these little ill children are the "witnesses" to their parents mistakes/lessons, many die before they are born and many suffer every day of their life, but "all" are a witness to the parents that they came from. When we die, we see our report cards and learn if we passed the course known as EARTH/HUMAN 101. Everything, every human, all, we see/feel/smell are all for our education, nothing is as we believe it is, we are the ONLY student and everything is for our education, we come to GOD as ONE and ONE ONLY! This is why the ancients stated that we are not to question another human or thing, God is in 100% complete control of our daily classes.

I suggest the ONLY WAY to pass the class, is to trust GOD 100% with all, but what human has ever done this? Not trusting God is probably the reason we are sent here in the first place, the catholic HELL on EARTH! With each generation the good pass, the evil ones are left, as the cycle continues all good is eventually gone and then judgement of this earth comes, aka the rocks and the cycle is finished and a new cycle begins. We are in the end times these past few thousand years, evil is being seen as good and good seen as wrong. The lamb can not lay down beside the lion, all is corrupted and living against Nature.

Upon our death, we will see how stupid we really were... Not until then will we learn WHY!



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