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why always compare ? by thomas zudrell ..... Dorn Method Forum

Date:   12/22/2006 3:18:13 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I am asked quite often what is the best therapy or method of treating back pain and other spinal disorders?
This is very difficult and delicate to answer and there will always be opposing opinions when I do.
When comparing a single treatment to another then we favor the one we have most success with and that is normal and in my case that is the Dorn Method.
However when I compare a bit further then it is the combination of different treatment and therapy approaches I use after a careful selection made for the individual patient that proved to be most successful!
So I can say: Instead of comparing methods it would be best to combine and complement different methods!

As stated in other posts healing is a gradual process and can only be achieved when we consider at least three factors:
1. Avoidance of potentially harmful things that often requires a change in lifestyle.
2. An effective and safe therapy (best in cooperation with the patient like we do this with the Dorn Method where the therapy is done with / by the patient and not only on the patient!)
3. Self Help Exercises (and Advices) for patient after care to ensure long lasting results.

Patients must understand what is happening so they deserve detailed explanations which again require time that many health care professionals do not give either because they put financial issues before the patientís wellbeing or the modern and very expensive health care system simply makes it very difficult to fulfill this important prerequisite.

Do I cut the branch I am sitting on when I give the best I have, which includes sufficient time for the patient, plenty of information about precautions and self help and advices on how to complement my therapy with self-therapy tips that partly replace my work on a patient so he often needs only very few sessions and spends only very little money compared (here it is again!) to (although often effective) expensive modern machines and treatment options like not always necessary surgery etc.?
No I do not cut my own branch why: First there are more patients than therapists and when we experience a good thing we talk about it so an effective referral system starts with a word by mouth recommendation.
Second: Most of my patients come back because of one simple reason: They do not spend the required energy by following the precautions and life-style changes and do the simple and little time consuming self help exercises and advices as soon as their condition improved (less or no more Pain!).
This little Self-Responsibility and Discipline is no longer part of our modern world.
So I guess I will not run out of work!

Most success anyway I have with treatment combinations and part of most protocols are: The Dorn Method for Spine Alignment, The Breuss Massage for gentle Spinal Stretching and Healing and Deep Neuro-Muscular Massage for the soft tissues using the hands and tools like vibrating massagers.

To partly replace, but best to continue this treatment approach I recommend the Dorn Method Self Help Exercises and the Detensor Method for the safest spinal stretching I know of!

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