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Date:   12/20/2006 12:07:07 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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"When I say adjustments I am talking about the movement she does to make the neck "crack"."

It may be considered that adjusting comes in other forms, one type of which involves the distracting of the vertebral junctions; not always imparting an audible noise. The audible is not necessarily the goal but, rather a feature of some adjusting techniques.

"So she believes it is the cracking that is the PRIMARY and MOST beneficial to the healing. I am assuming from how she spoke(i will see her tomorrow) that f/d is helpful but not by ITSELF ( more secondary than the cracking)"

I cannot speak for another practioner but, can only offer that any audible is not particularly necessary. One might clear teir throat prior to speking and yet it is not a necessary part of the speaking itself. It is merely a side consideration.
The audible in adjusting is not the goal but perhaps an expectation by some.

"She reiterated many times she thought the "cracking" would help align(analogy I used of the baby in prevoius post)"

I would be suprised if a practioner would be actually focusing on "cracking" as apposed to the adjusting though I cannot speak for her/him.

"do you feel that cracking is beneficial/or not at this point
onsidering my past experiences."

I can only reitorate that in your given case, based on the description you provided, F/D technique would be my suggested choice. There may be other times and circumstances when an "osseous" adjustment, or one that generated an audible sound, would be indicated.

"I ordered a collar
from a company but he sent me the wrong will take a week at least to get that one.Is a soft collar from Walgreens as good?"

I am not familiar with what that store sells. A good universal soft collar with velcro closure might be beneficial, based on your description. Relaxing the muscles.

"Just sharing...I have ten days off from work (I am a teacher) so that will help as well. It took the chiro a year before she felt "completely healed" from her herniated discs. I am hoping for the spring :)"

No two people injure, heal or respond alike. Some people respond better and more quickly than others, though I might expect that you should see diminished pain in a few days and gradually diminishing symptoms in a few weeks.

"As always, thank you!"

You are welcome. Hopefully you will find change. Change is good.


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