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Date:   12/20/2006 9:50:41 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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"I had an appt. today with a chiro recommended by a friend of a friend. She was with me for 90 minutes, very nice does flexion/distraction (said this was good for back only)."

I cannot explain why the chiropractor would think flexion-distraction would not work for the neck. F/D is used regularly for neck issues.

"1)Said my neck was like a traffic jam-tight even the scalene? (I think) and of course I am out of alignment. My right side is the worst."


"2) Does electric stim (she said to fatigue the muscles so they would relax), also some gentle traction as well as the Logan technique."

Depending on the application/form of e-stim, it could "relax" taut musculature. You may recall that based on what you described previously I suggested a collar to "rest" the musculature?

"3)Believed that the BEST way is to adjust the neck (I used the analogy as coaxing a baby into good behavoiur)She agreed and said that the adjustments can help prod my body into slowly staying in alignment."


"4)Was very surprised that I have CONSTANT tingling in BOTH feet even after I pointed out I have herniated disc at L5. Said if they didnt stop in the distant future I should see a neurologist."

Provided that conservative measures are exhausted. Herniated discs frequently respond well to F/D technque which is why I stressed it's use, based on your prior information.

"I am going for a 2nd opinion. I liked her and she was personable and also suffered herniated discs as well."

There is nothing wrong with a second opinion. Realize that you will not likely get a "like" second opinion from a non-DC as other practioners may have no idea of the process or the possibilities.

"She also wants me to ice- 20 minutes on 2 hours off."

You may recall my suggesting to you previously, the value of ice applications for the reduction of inflammation and relxation of muscles?

"Respect your opinion. How does that sound?"

Thank you. You have set a course. Hopefully it will be a successful one.

"Of course I gathered that the adjustment of the neck was PRIMARY AND THE MAIN HEALING MODALITY. It didnt work the 1st time (dont know if it is because of the technique or because of the doctor)."

I believe, based on your prior-given information, that the F/D technique is the one of choice for your presenting complaint(s).

"Also i heard that pople with herniated discs should not get adjusted. She didnt agree.
Opinion PLEASE :)?"

I have no idea why someone would think that adjustments would be contraindicated in the case of a herniated disc? Unless the disc has sequestered or eventrated, the application of F/D technique could only help.

"I also asked if I could heal with NO adjustments. She said yes but it would probably take much longer."

I agree.

"flexion/distraction seems like its for the back only...correct?"

I would disagree. It is used quite frequently for the neck as well as the middle and lower back.

"It seems I'm back to "adjust" or not to."

If that is your choice then so be it.

"Again a big thank you. :)"

You are welcome.

I would suggest further researching flexion/distraction technique for the neck and lower back. You may wish to explore this site.


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