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Re: healing vertebra and disks? by Beadlegobbler ..... Dr. Schulze Support Forum

Date:   12/15/2006 10:17:01 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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A couple of suggestions in addressing the notion of "healing a disk". In order to appreciate what may or may not work in this healing idea, one may wish to consider a few facts about the intervertebral disc. If you plan to "feed" a disc nutritionally first consider it's composition to be sure that what you are feeding it will make a difference. Also realize that just because you take in certain ingredients it does not mean that ingredients will rush off to the disc and be absorbed.

A disc is composed of basically two parts: The nucleus (a center capsule) and the annulus which is an outer fibrous band. The nucleus is made up of about 90% water in a youth and much less in an adult. It has a matrix which contains mostly chondroitin sulfate, some hyaluronic acid and some keratin sulfate. The annulus is an outer fibrous band which maintains pressure on the nucleus. If a disc becomes damaged it can "dehydrate" and become less resilient.

Here is something else to consider. There is no blood supply to the nucleus but, there is to the annulus ring. So any fluid the disc imbibes or releases does so through motion against the annular ring. If you want to "feed" a disc, realize that no matter what you "feed" it through nutrition, the nucleus of the disc will still require motion to imbibe the "food".

Therefore I would recommend that flexing the spine which gently pulls the discs apart causes the nucleus to imbibe fluid (and "food") from the outer annulus ring.

If you want to feed the disc you may wish to consider two things: One, make the food rich in chondroitin sulfate and two, flex the spine through flexion-distraction technique (performed by a chiropractor) to help imbibe what you are feeding the disc.

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