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Lessons Learnt From a 15 Day Fast by #54319 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   12/2/2006 4:25:23 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Lessons Learnt from an Extended Fast

A few notes and shared experiences from a recent extended fast. I set out with the intention of completing a 20 day fast, however had to call it off at 15 days due to logistical factors requiring my returning home.

This was my second extended fast. The first time I completed 14 days, and this time 15 days. The detox reactions on the first one where a lot harsher. This time round, symptoms were much milder, and I had more energy.

I had chosen the Koi Somui Island in Thailand as the location, in particular the Spa Village resort due to its unique facilities, aligned with cleansing, and picturesque location. Besides the beautifully located bungalows being really cheap, the Spa has a number of highly experienced masseurs who specialize in Thai, reflexology and stomach massages. There was also a constant source of fresh orange juice (Discovering they were not true oranges but tangerines threw me some what), as well as a constant supply of fresh green coconuts providing coco nut water.

Sadly I had just walked away from a relationship that had taken a turn for worse, and thus was not in the greatest emotional shape to start the fast on which is a mistake. In hind sight one would ideally like to fast with a clear emotional body, or at best in the confines of a loving relationship. The emotional turmoil detracts the cleansing vector from full doing its work. However this later took a turn for the better, as I will elaborate on shortly.

Initially I was using the LBB, oregano oil, olive leaf capsules, mind trac and pica minerals to supplement the fast. The LBB continued to work its magic creating an evacuation each and every day. I’m now into my 6th month of the LBB, and the debris that is still coming out is astounding. I also noticed more sheep flukes being eliminated, seems like colonies of them were exposed.

Later in the fast, as my mind began to clear more I found my self becoming aware some really negative thought patterns. This was the emotional body throwing of its debris. At the time I had been watching a DVD recording of a lecture by Bruce Lipton called the Biology of Belief, (for those that haven’t seen it is a fantastic presentation of the Mind-Body connection ) wherein he suggested that it was by our thoughts and beliefs that we imprinted our DNA to produce health or disease based upon such beliefs, and NOT the old model that our DNA creates or shapes our health and well being with the passage of time) The thoughts continually get our CELLS moving between Growth on the one side and Protection on the other side. Growth keeping us healthy and alive. Protection resulting in blood going out of the organs to the muscles and limbs, also away from the front of the brain. - known as fight or flight response (This forum has seen a number of interesting posts regarding the above mind body connection.) Love incidentally would be the maximum nourishment for growth and is therefore highly beneficial to our well being. This really got me thinking about my thought patterns, and beliefs that had created them.

Well seems like the universe threw an answer at me. I had just returned from a session with a Chinese healer, who had commented on my very active mind and how because I was over thinking things, creating ripples into my health and well being. After one session with him, I felt a tremendous sense of mental calm which lasted until the chattering monkey in my mind became active. At about this time I chanced upon a book in the spa’s library called “Feeling Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol Truman. (

In this book she gave a method whereby one noticed and identified the less than useful thoughts, decided what would be a better thought to replace it with at a core level. With that in hand, one then directed the “script” in a prayer type form to what one perceives the Divine power to be, by whatever name we know that power, Whether it be God, Higher Self, Spirit or whatever ones belief structure entails. The script is read, inserting the appropriate thoughts and reframes in the correct place. The script was ended in the appropriate manner. Whole process takes 45 second. The EFFECTS WERE INSTANTANEOUS. As I began working through my crappy beliefs and re-occurring thoughts, I could feel them being replaced as if by magic, and in place of the tension and Anxiety, a deep sense of calm began to prevail.

The book contains some wonderful suggestion on typical limiting beliefs affects one’s health, the effects of sense of self, ones sense of deservingness, one’s self esteem etc etc. Along with these suggestion were pages of possible emotions linked to diseases and symptoms we experience. E.g. Constipation it was suggested that “Constant fretting”, or “unwilling to release old feelings” , or “blocking what one means to say”, or feelings of anxiety were possible roots causes of such a condition on an emotional or metal level. By taking the script, and working through each of these issues, one could massively facilitate the cleanses and healings that the body was achieving. So for example where the possible cause of depression could be “Anger turned inwards”, I would treat the thoughts or feelings of Anger Turned Inwards and replace the old belief with choosing forgiveness, feeling forgiveness, BEING forgiveness. Could apply the same logic to Love, or Calm as a substitute.

Over the next 5 days, I began to re-wire my thought field. Done on top of my fasting experience, I found this to be a tremendously powerful experience. Since that day, I have been working with this material for about 15 - 20 minutes daily, observing, taking thoughts and limits in my thinking and beliefs and knocking them out and replacing them with more useful or loving vibrations. Over the space of more than a week now, on a mental level I feel like a new person. The process is on going,, the effects have been immediate and lasting. Each day I find more clarity, .quality and color. The depression like symptoms that I had perceived in the past are all fading into my distant, memory. I find my self asking, if I could design anything into my life, what it would be. A staggering thought. Zach summed it up well in a previous post saying that if you get the body working the way it was meant to, if its cleansed , the mind is cleansed, then the ripples go out and all else falls into place. Beautifully put Zach.

By the 15 day of the fast I still had perceived no hunger pangs, felt that I was opening up in a spiritual way, coming into contact with the true essence of my self. This has been massively supplemented by the scripting work as described above. In this time I lost all of ONE kilogram, on the fast.

I notice that many of my “symptoms” relating to Candida, fatigue, mental health, constipation, headaches etc are simply not there any more. In its place I have loads more energy, seem to get by on very little except fruit/raw veggies/nuts. Yesterday on an empty stomach I completed a 7km surf ski competition. I finished the route in 55 minutes, and a couple of hours later played an hours worth of intense squash. The only fuel I had taken on that day besides my herbs was orange juice, and pineapple/Goji berry smoothies earlyier in the morning, and an OJ before the race. The previous day I had a day of juice, with a big salad in the evening. I find I have ,loads of energy and my strength endurance is improving all the time.

The prize of experience is truly perspective. Its through my having had the experiences as alluded to above that I am shaping a new paradigm and reality for my self as to what constitutes good health and longevity.

Thanks to MH for his continued inspiration.


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