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Re: --answer-- about Refractometer !-- by moreless ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   11/29/2006 7:52:03 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hi nutnberrygirl,

Here is some info from the tool resources page:


Not all fruit and vegetables are created equal!

Many people who have added more fruit and vegetables to their diet have ended up feeling worse! How can that be?? Especially when we are told that a way to increase health is to increase the intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The health benefits or eating fruit and vegetable are dependent on how well mineralised the soil the plant was grown in, when it was picked, whether it was fresh etc.

How do you know the quality of the fruit and vegetables you buy? Are they really fresh? (most likely, many foods have travelled across the country or from different countries to get to your store) and a key question .. how do you know if these fruits and vegetables are seasonal and ripened on the plant? (Read more about produce artifically ripened HERE)

This page discusses the use of an instrument called a "refractometer" which measures the nutritional content of food. This device is a wonderful aid to both consumers and farmers. Consumers can use the refractometer to know the nutritional content of the food they purchase. Farmers can use the refractometer to grow healthier crops that resist insects and disease, thereby making the use of toxic chemicals in agriculture unnecessary.

The depletion of minerals in the soil results in less nutrition in food, and this undermines the health of the entire community. The relationship between soil quality and good health is explored in detail in an article from alive Magazine (Read: Health From The Ground Up) which is a reprint from Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1936.

Farmers know that their soils have been depleted of minerals. The problem is that consumers have had no way to measure the nutritional content of food and so there has been no market demand for more nutritious produce.

Now we have the refractometer, a simple instrument to measure the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables. It works on the principle of light bending when it passes from air into water. Due to dissolved sugars, minerals and other nutrients in fruit and vegetable juices, they are denser than water and bend light more. The amount light bends is measured in degrees "Brix". There are values of degrees Brix for each fruit and vegetable ranging from poor to excellent. The excellent level generally gives the plant immunity to disease and insects, and creates health in animals and people. These plants also have increased frost resistance, and improved storability because they will dehydrate rather than rot.

In order to start testing the quality of your fruit and vegetables, all you need is a simple hand held refractometer, that can do a 0-32 Brix reading and a Brix chart. You can pick up a refractometer for around $40 (or under 30 in the UK). Check EBAY.COM or EBAY.CO.UK as they tend to have great prices - do a search for 'refractomenter 0-32 Brix'.

Check these links for detailed information on how to use a refractometer and obtain Brix charts:

Brix = Quality

Brix Book

Brix Q & A

Check the Resources page should you wish to purchase one.

Articles on Brix Gardening:

High Brix Farming and Gardening
Brix Meter To Test Vegetable and Fruit Plants

Moreless on using a refractometer:

"Hi Ya'll,

It has come to my attention that most people who really want to help themself may need to buy a good Refractometer to use to test their foods , so they may learn which foods are going to Help them recover from their Sickness and Diseases!

The cost of a Refractometer is not going to cost as much as a visit to most Doctors and then you have it for the rest of your Life and do not need to spend any more money on it, unlike "IF" you visit the Doctor, then he wants you to come back all the time and spend some more money with him!

Earlier someone said that you could find good cost effective Refractometers for sale on e-bay and I have looked and would have to agree that the prices are very reasonable!

So, for those who Really want to help yourself and want to learn how to do this a lot Faster, then I would suggest you get yourself a Refractometer to start testing the foods you buy to eat, and this will easily help you to decide which foods may be good for you as far as which foods are Top Quality and which ones are not fit to eat!

You will also need a pair of pliers with which to squeeze some juice out of the different food items, so that you may make the test!

Because you use the juice from the food to test!

And I will help you learn how to use the refractometer to best understand what it may tell you "IF" you so may Desire!

Smile Tis your choice."

Read the Brix Blog to see what's really going on: Maya's Brix Blog

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