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Never too young for heart problems.... by skyflier ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   9/29/2006 11:03:52 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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We frequently hear of elite athletes dropping dead from heart disease, heart attack, etc. You should see your physician immediately if you experienced proglonged chest pain. Please please please do not delay! Generally speaking, water-only fasting is a safe (when supervised) therapy for all types of physical and emotional ailments, but chest pain (that does not go away) early on in a water-only fast is NOT a normal indication.

Were you using caffeine products? Or, did you continue using caffeine products during your fast? That can be a factor in some symptoms...I have done a 9 and 15 day water only fast and numerous smaller ones and I noticed several withdrawal symptoms from caffeine - mainly headaches.

At any rate, consider it your good fortune that I found my way back here after so many months to receive Hopinso's advice about my heart catheter procedure. I had it done yesterday and did not need to have the angioplasty (thank you Jesus), but now, I feel 10 times better and I am wondering if the cath procedure itself unlodged some clot or blockage. Who knows? My stress test indicated there was blockage to a "very important part of my heart" so the technician said. Now, having undergone the tests, I can feel more confident that my ticker is doing okay! I do have an irregular beat and am grossly overweight, so now, I can concentrate more on getting the weight off without worrying about my heart.

Several tests lead up to the heart cath and each one eliminates problems along the way. Hey, I am no friend of medicines and allopathic doctors, but in some cases, it warrants getting there and getting some tests run. A simple EKG or echocardiogram may reveal problems and neither of those are painful or surgical.

Good hope to you on your journey to heatlh!

Hopinso - I hope you are reading this and thank you so much for your advice. Although I was not in the right frame of mind to fast, I may do some down the road. I am just so grateful that a further procedure was not necessary. They want me to continue on aspirin and follow-up with them in a couple weeks. Perhaps this will be the wake up call I finally needed to do something permanent about my obesity.


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