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Re: SOME PIECES OF THE PUZZLE by Jean ..... Ask Agnes & Bob # 2 [Archive]

Date:   9/11/2002 3:59:51 AM ( 20 years ago ago)
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I've read and I do believe that conventional doctors are just "sales people" for pharmaceutical companies. Big name pharmaceutical companies spend big dollars on funding for various types of research, in hopes that the results and findings of the research will benefit their common goal i.e to sell more of their product. It's been stated that if a research scientist produces findings that are not in accordance with the pharmaceutical companies "agenda" the pharmaceutical company will just pull the plug on the research altogether. Comforting ain't it? I've also read (and know for a fact because I have a friend who's in med school studying conventional medicine and told me herself it's true) that pharmaceutical companies spend big money to fund medical schools, and that most of the $$$ generated by medical schools are mainly an inflow from these big companies. Since these companies are devoting much time and money to fund these schools, the school (and the students alike) must operate according to the pharmaceutical company's "agenda" (i.e this is where the "doctors are only salespeople for pharmaceutical companies" comes in), otherwise the company will just pull their funding from the school, and we wouldn't want THAT, now would we??? Subsequently, the students and future "professionals" are not taught to treat disease as a whole, but to treat it as separate independent functions. The only "healing" they're taught is which prescription to use for which symptom. Not much else goes into explaining what causes the symptom etc, hence the many times you hear a medical journal or doctor say "the true cause of (FILL IN DISEASE) is not yet known" or "no one knows exactly what causes (FILL IN DISEASE)" and the like. They are basically just taught "use this medication to treat this symptom and use that medication to treat that symptom". In my eyes this makes doctors hypocrites and they should be the LAST people to point fingers at other methods of healing (especially if those methods actually work). Another thing that I find amusing is the countless times I have gone into a conventional doctor's office and they have promos from big name pharmaceutical companies lying around like its no big deal. He or she will write out a prescription for you using a pen they got as a promo from X pharmaceutical company, the paperweight on their desk is from X pharmaceutical company, the totebag on their coatrack bears the name of a certain prescription medication manufactured by yet another pharmaceutical company... making a serious thing like medicine no better (or more important) than when you go to a store and they give free magnets and calendars and pens and keychains away as promotional marketing tools. They can argue all they want, medicine (much like everything else in this world) is a profit-generating industry, so screw the people's health, we've got money to make!!! I just happen to find it quite amusing.

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