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Re: Would you help with the most important health campaign to genie..... by Believer ..... Ask Agnes & Bob # 2 [Archive]

Date:   8/31/2002 7:14:02 AM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Genie, are you an avid frequenter of this site? If you are, I am shocked you would belittle someone's attempt to help others, because that's basically what this whole site's about, just ask agnes or bob or lillian or anyone else who voluntarily puts in countless hours just to help STRANGERS... if you're not an avid user, then I'm not surprised. I think what this person was trying to say, and if I'm right then I'm behind them 110%, is that people should realize there's more out there than conventional medicine, people should know that there IS truth out there and options. People should be aware of alternatives and not be manipulated by Science and medicine and the FDA, i think our biggest problem in this country (and others) is lack of awareness, before I came to this site and started doing my homework, I never knew these options existed.I NEVER KNEW I COULD TAKE CONTROL OF MY OWN HEALTH. I, for one, am sick and tired of turning on the tv and seeing countless commercials for: allergy medications, clarin, differin and other Acne meds, diet meds, sexual dysfunction meds, cholesterol meds, etc etc etc. I've never seen an ad for an herb, and maybe thats a blessing because I'm certain if the pharmaceutical companies ever got a hold of it they'd corrupt alt med with their greed and thirst for human lives. when someone is really sick, doctors put that person with their back to the wall, telling them they have no choice, either expensive surgery (that does not guarantee results) or 2 months left to live, and if they could not afford the surgery or had no insurance? "oh well too bad"... how would you feel genie if some doctor in a lab coat was putting a price on YOUR life? would you think it's funny then? always keep in mind that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

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