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Seborrheic Dermatitis almost gone now! by arkantos ..... Seborrheic Dermatitis Forum

Date:   3/24/2005 9:15:12 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I can't deny that CureZone is a little bit boring for me now... I see 99% questions, little or almost no research, nor success stories.

But well, that's not the reason that I'm writting this.

I'm writting this to tell you about my success in curing my acne, with cure I mean 100%.

After researching for years, I finally discovered the causes of my problems.

I used to have Acne (100% gone) and Seborrheic Dermatitis (almost gone now).

Now I'm in the healing phase: Rebuilding my gut with supplements and good/clean nutrition.

I strongly believe that Candida was the cause of both of my problems, and that it definitely damages the gut. The only way to get cured is to repair the damange and end the infection.

The main cause of my problems was this: Grains (any kind).

After eliminating them 100%, I'm 100% clear.

A strange but good thing that happened, is that I also had Acne on my back, and lot of scars... but after this, my skin started to heal extremly quickly. I also a lot of white "spots", like white moles or something, they suddenly turned red and began to disappear.

1. Follow a strict 100% Grain free diet (even whole grains). Even just this can represent the cure for many. DON'T SKIP THIS.
2. Follow a cleaner diet. The most scientifically backed-up for me is the Paleo Diet, wich excludes antinatural foods like grains and dairy and processed stuff. There are things to snack on like fruit and nuts, to get around the cravings.
3. Do Liver Cleanses and Bowel Cleanses (KEEP DOING MAINTENANCE). Follow the basic recomendations from here, like removing amalgams, stop drinking milk, using hazardous chemicals.

Remember healing takes time. You'll see improvements within days.

DO READ: the paleo diet, neanderthin


I wish I had a more exciting tone with this post to convince more people, but I guess that it is not necessary, I'm being honest and to the point. Wish you all success.


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