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what to do by #39296 ..... Ask Ev: Abortion Recovery

Date:   8/19/2005 3:44:35 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I am a 27 year old mother of a 10 yr old. I had her when i was 16 and abortion was just so wrong i couldn't go through with it. I always told myself that I will not have another child until I am married, I just couldn't imagine having 2 kids by different fathers and the second on not my husband...i have been keeping to that way of thinking until now. today i find out I am expecting.
Crazy story.
Dating this guy for only 3-4 months, great guy he has 2 children takes care of them, i mean he has them more than his ex-wife does, great dad. he told me one night that he had been snipped, vasectomy, i was thinking great! i don't want anymore children right now, not even sure if i did want anymore, i thought i was double protected me on birth control him snipped what more can a girl want. well last month i was a late with my period, stress causes that, even though i am never late, i figured it was stress because I was going through a lot of stuff with my sister, and i mean a lot. so i kinda dismissed it. i even went to my gyno for a pap told her i was late she asked if there was anyway i was pregnant I told her no, i was on the pill he was snipped.
today i had to just clear my head and take a test just to be sure. sure enough i am having a baby.
when i told him about it i asked him had a vasectomy right? his answer was NO!!!!
he lied to i am taking my pill but not like i should be i mean not at the same time everyday sometimes evening sometimes morning hell i even missed it at one point because he was SNIPPED!!! only 1% chance of getting pregnant when he is snipped, now he is wondering where i even came up with such a story...WE HAD A CONVERSATION ABOUT IT! he even made the comment that he wasn't sure he trusted it because he still reason i looked it up!!!
now i don't know what to do...i can't have another kid right now...i have a crappy job and i already take care of one by myself...i can't afford it. i know he would be there for me but i just can't see myself having another baby with someone that is not my husband. i don't know what to do. he is acting as if nothing has happend talking about shopping while i am chewing on every nail I have. i am really looking into an abortion but i don't have the money and i don't know if he would help.
just would like some advise. good or bad i really don't care. i am going to talk to some people on monday a pro-choice clinic help me make up my mind.
just any advise...thanks

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