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Re: Parasites by MH ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   11/29/2004 3:42:49 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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I have read that there are about 20+ parasites that live on and in Lung Tissues.

I am not sure what your calling treatments?

You should stop and think "WHY" I have a parasite in my lungs? You give no clues other than I think you want to kill it.

When you have parasites that the blood has no ability to kill, your going to have to go another step! Can electronics kill it? Maybe, but the second you disconnect, the eggs are hatching and they emerge and eat their dead parents.

Drugs work in the blood, so again, they are hard to kill and the drugs would use a poison, so who knows what damage they woul do.

There is a simple method, but you should not use it until you have did many steps of cleansing and getting the right flow going down the toilet! This means deworming and flushing the standard ways and getting the bowels in top condition, etc.

Once you have done this and you have read about herbs and have decided to self-experiment, then I have a simple suggestion to try, providing the standard methods didn't already clear the problems up.

To go as far as Harvard, gives me the idea your trust is in medicine and not so much in Nature. Harvard, Yale, and Rockerfellor Institute all "KNOW" and you can bet, they're not telling, now or ever! The medical book I reprint went through a blind study by these big 3 and all 3 concluded the famous surgeon was 100% correct, this was 50+ years ago and not one thing was changed, so you know, "THEY" are the last place on this earth I would go to if I were ill.

I suggest you obtain my free booklet, read it and see what you think. I then suggest you get the medical book I reprint and read it and see what you think, if your truely wanting to be free of these parasites, etc. you can read these 2 books in just a couple of days. Then you should share the medical book with your doctor and the 2 of you decide what is best for you! If you choose Nature, a month after you start cleaning up, e-mail me or write, etc. and remind me of your problem and then you should be ready to kick out the parasites in the lung.

If you have zero desire to change your habits that lead to this point in your life, I strongly suggest you stay with the people you trust. The Amish clinic stopped taking English patients last January due to some visits by people with badges! Otherwise I would suugest you take a trip to them and most likely they would solve your problem in 8 hours. They would clean you out the old ways and have you prepped and ready in no time. The cost was $15 per day! I doubt they ever trust anyone but Amish again.

Your simple question you should ask your self is WHY? Did I smoke, did I damage my lungs in what ways? Did I eat non human foods and the waste/mucus end up in my lungs, are my lungs scarred, etc. Ask why, before you seek to kill, because odds are, killing your parasites will not solve the problems.


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