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Re: to msteve 666 by #18601 ..... Liver Flush Evidence: Documenting Liver Flush

Date:   3/30/2005 11:24:52 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Whenever one alters a body function with chemicals and then removes the artificial regulator, it makes sense to me that things would go whacko. This is a rebound effect.

No where did I see anything about the types of things you are consuming, other than losing the milk and cheese. Personally I've found that the partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated fats make an incredible difference in my lipid panel. If you are eating anything that is packaged, beware! Here is the "shaggy dog story":

Several years ago I got hooked on microwave popcorn-I'm talking about an honest-to-goodness addiction here folks. I was eating one or two bags of the stuff a day...until my annual bloodwork came back. My DR was furious and sent me home with the warning to find out what I'm doing differently. My lipids have always been naturally low so it was indeed a shocker for both of us.

Went though the cupboards and fridge. We don't eat much packaged stuff so it was fairly simple to find the culprit. Stopped "cold turkey" and then went out and bought a "Stir Crazy" popper. We use coconut oil in the bottom and then put melted organic butter over the top. Eight weeks later I went back for a re-check...and the numbers were perfect.

What is more amazing to me is that my craving was eliminated and I didn't want popcorn everyday or even every week. The homemade popcorn was completely satisfying.


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