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Starting 2nd 40 day fast ... by manifesturdreamz ..... Fasting for Weight Loss Forum

Date:   3/6/2006 4:56:46 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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This is my sec 40 day fast i'll be starting ... i've done plenty of fasts .. but this is my second 40 day one .. defintely fasting isnt for everyone ... but for those of you who feel u cant do it .. u can .. just get your mind set and you you can do it ... if anyone is starting today or tomorrow and would like to team up .. i'll be here :) company is always great ... right ?

im a big time insomniac .. insomnia was cured last time i conquered my fast .. along with Depression and a few other lil things i've noticed ...

you're always going to have the people who flame those who fast and will never understand it .. but i've witnessed how great it can make you feel ... and the few who knew i was fasting thought i was nuts ... nice support system right ? but they didn't get in my way :) i was determined :)

yes the weightloss is a huge plus .. but not my main reason for doing this .. spiritual reasons as well ...but though i think we all feel better with a smaller butt right? ... i've known ppl who have fasted for 40 days and managed to lose up to 65lbs .. and yes kept most of it off ... i say most because once u reintroduce food to the body it weighs roughly 6-8 pounds ... between your stomach and intestines .. but if you do come off of a long fast and throw everything in ur face good chance your body is going to freak and you wont like the results .. when i ended my 40 day fast i inhaled everything from twizzlers to capn crunch and i was hurting !! sooo i've learned from experience how painful and important ending a fast can be ...

if any of you have questions or just need some support ... u know i'll be around till April 15th or so ...

wishin u all luck :)


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