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Re: Toning while fasting???? by bambam945 ..... Fasting for Weight Loss Forum

Date:   2/14/2005 8:29:15 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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If your body is in a caloric deficit state it's unlikely that you will be able to build any lean muscle mass (toning). The more likely scenario is that you will lose significant muscle mass while fasting due to the inavailability of protein (and calories) which is required for muscle cell repair and growth.

In basic terms that is how muscles grow or become toned. They must be worked beyond what they're used to. For example - weight lifters adding a little bit more weight to the bar each time they go to the gym. This 'overworking' causes small micro tears in the muscle fibers (the soreness you feel the next day or two after a workout). It's actually the repair process that the body goes through that causes the muscle to grow, not the workout itself. The body tries to adapt to the workload it was put under so it can better handle it next time. So when the muscle fibers are repairing the body actually makes those fibers bigger and stronger in anticipation of being overworked again. Your body absolutely needs protein and calories to complete this process.

While fasting your body goes into a conservation or survival mode. It sees muscles as a source of energy and will actually begin to cannabalize the muscles. Much of the weight people lose while dieting or fasting is in fact muscle loss.

My personal thought is that walking is probably ok, but you're likely to do more muscle damage than good if you're fasting and trying to tone up at the same time.

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