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Re: A Few Tips From An Old Timer by hopinso ..... Fasting for Weight Loss Forum

Date:   2/2/2005 2:25:48 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Actually, a prolonged water only fast is probably the worst fasting modality for permanent weight loss because the metabolic rate slows down dramatically. Water only fasting is best for deep detoxification and healing. However, you can do occasional Water Fasting days during other fasting methods to decrease caloric intake and cleanse your body without risking a severe metabolic slowdown.
You can do a juice fast, a cleansing drink fast like Master Cleanse or the Bragg vinegar drink. You can also use a clear veggie broth that is very low in calories and high in necessary minerals. You should avoid decaffeinated drinks and diet sodas because the chemicals in them may cause adverse reactions in a fasting body, the same is true of many herbal teas. You can use them in small amounts, but must be aware of potential side effects with some herbs. Personally, I believe that if you intend to fast for a long time a mixed fast combining all of the above modalities would be best. By using different juices, cleansing drinks and broths you can get better nutrition and much more variety than by following a mono-diet. You can determine how many calories you want to consume and set your choice of juices by that too. Remember that The Master Cleanse drink and many juices are full of sugars. While these do provide energy, they also have more calories.
Once you begin eating again you can continue to use juice or broth to replace one or two meals a day so you will not regain the weight while your metabolism is reving back up. Also you can Water Fast one day a week or three days a month for a lifetime and enjoy many healthful benefits.
Another thing to remember is that you cannot separate the cleansing aspect of fasting from the weight loss one. You will most likely experience some rough days while you are fasting as a result of stored toxins being released back into the body. This is commonly called a healing crisis or a cleansing crisis. In a juice fast you can up the intake of juice to bring relief to the crisis. If you get to the point where you cannot function normally, then you must consider cutting the fast short. This is especially true of water only fasts. Its a good idea to make sure your liver, kidneys, and bowels are working well so they can handle the toxic load. Taking time to prepare for your fast with several weeks of a healthy diet, plus any cleanses that are necessary will improve your chances of having a safe, comfortable , and hopefully successful fast, whatever type you chose.

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