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Post Juice Fast Question by laura76 ..... Fasting: Juice Fasting Support

Date:   5/27/2004 9:52:50 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I'll try to make this short. On Monday I broke my 3 day juice fast. I have done a 3 day juice fast before and haven't run into any of the issues I'm running into this time.

I followed the important steps, using psyllium and keeping things moving. I did only raw foods for 2 days before, and 2 days following the fast. I haven't been overeating, and have been careful not to eat anything too heavy too soon.

I know that my tongue still had some coating on it when I broke the fast, but that was the case last time and it didn't seem to be a problem. But this time, the coating is still hanging around, my breath is really bad and no foods I eat feel good. I'm quite nauseous right now after eating some soup, and yet today while at work I felt extremely hungry all day and food did not make that feeling go away. It is now Thursday and my last full day of fasting was Sunday.

One possibility is that my body wanted a longer fast than I gave it. If this is the case, I'm not sure what to do to help it now. I could fast again, but this really isn't a good time to take that on again. Not sure if waiting will eventually yield some relief. Also, does anyone know of any other possibilities as to why this is happening, or have you run into a similar situation?

I remember feeling so light and refreshed last time. This time I just feel ill.

Thanks for any input out there,
Laura : )

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