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Re: Marie's Story of Mercury Poisoning by #161960 ..... Newsletters: Educating Instead of Medicating

Date:   3/9/2003 7:27:09 PM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Hello, I am having those same symptoms, really funny "pulling" feeling in my head which I notice when I"m waking at times, or when I am working ( very distracting and not normal). They do not hurt, it's just like an electrical shock type vibration without pain, I've just now been able to put together the connection- I have MUCH mercury Amalgam fillings in my teeth by 2 different dentist. I specifically asked the last one to please use the composite tooth colored filling and he insisted I do mercury-silver. I had a root canal, general fillings done by him. He put a gold crown on top of mercury on top of a root canal. I feel like a toxic waste site. I have ordered a clay which is to help pull toxicities off in the bathtub. I'm looking into another dentist but am sick about having to go through more drilling and misery. This time I have some insurance, last time it was all out of pocket- to the tune of $2300.00 ( a specialist had to do the actual canal). I paid more for regular fillings which were done. I never wanted to have mercury.
Can you shed some light for me? The new dentist I have said he did not believe the compatibility test were accurate, and that I would have to pay for it and he would order it if I wanted it. He is willing to pull the gold crown off and remove the mercury beneath, use a dam, copious water, and I need to make sure he has an alternative air source available. I feel he is more patient than that idiot who did all the other damage. I just dread having more drilling and yet these sensations are not going away and I"m wiped out a lot of the time also- I think I'm really toxic. Do I have to be tested for heavy metals before I begin having this stuff removed? I just want this stuff out. Thanks for any feedback, info you can give and thanks so much for what you've already written. Much appreciated, Barbara

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