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Re: My 1st Flush will be Friday!! by #163639 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   5/31/2002 7:17:56 PM ( 21 years ago ago)
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about 8 months ago, i did my third flush,

and since that, ive had sever pains after eating most anything.
i have tried 2 more flushes after that, to supposedly remove the other stones. no luck.

i was worried my pain was due to liver failure,
and i finally went to a doctor, and had an ultrasound,
it revealed gallstones.

ive been doing alot of research on this matter,
and to be honest, these stones people assume they are getting rid of , is in fact, saponified olive oil and minimal bile salts and cholesterol.

im at a loss as to what to do to for my pains, as the other flushes i believed in are very not good for me.

im living in too much pain and abdomenal problems to justify a person doing any of these flushes, and if you have done alot of them , cause i know there are fanatics out there, well, good for you.

im just stating facts here, and i advise any of you to read alot about these flushes, and Hulda Clark s outrageous claims.

if she is as good as she claims, why is she operating in mexico after being sued by people?

my life has been f**ked up since doing these flushes, and ill never do another one. people will say to keep flushing , to get rid of all the stones they have in there liver/ gallbladder.

well, this impossible, seeing how all the stones are produced each time one ingests the olive oil mixture.

why does all this make sense? even to me at one time,
that forcing your liver to process so much fat at one time can be good for you.

people, try to get all the facts about whatever you do.

im not in any way a person who goes to the doctor or swears by them, i am a person who wants to heal naturally , and let the body be healthy,
im just like all of you people out there that buys herbals, and things like that.

but this liver/ gallbladder flush for me is creating a crisis for me.

good luck to all of you.


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