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Re: [gallstones] gallstones are formed in the liver by Barry ..... Liver Flush Debate Forum

Date:   5/15/2002 9:49:02 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Dear Arthur,

Thanks for those tips on dieting. I'll look into some of them. I will
now try and answer some of your questions.

I was using the Dr. Clark method for my 8 cleanses and varied them
alittle with more ES (5 instead of 4 tblspns) and more oil too.

I lost 15lbs in 4 months. From 170lbs to 155lbs and looked deathly
thin. My regular weight that makes me feel good and healthy is
170lbs. The twice monthly flushing and dieting was the major cause
for the weight loss. The flush would drain a lot of water from my
body and I even was looking at it as an added benenfit at first until
the weight got below 160lbs.

As far as the liver, there are differing opinions that people can't
agree on. Who really knows? The only reason I believe the way I do is
because of the collected knowledge that I have learned over the last
6 months. Here are some key questions that led me to believe I don't
have to worry about hard stones in my liver instead of your opinion
of my liver still being full of stones.

Why do thousands of autopsy reports claim no stones in the liver when
the gallbladder is full of them?

This would prove something. The doctors do not make up the facts
that are evident to them because they don't want to believe them.
It's just not done in information on this level of proof. They
conclude for a reason.

Why did my removed gallbladder only have one 1 cm hard gallstone, and
my ducts and liver were clear? This was 1 week after my last flush.
More stones should have dropped out of my liver into the gb, etc.

Opinions are respected but some are different than others. Some
believe the stones start as small grain in the liver and ducts and
end up growing in the stagnant gallbladder. Others believe that
stones are big and hard and then roll down into the gallbladder
through the 2mm cystic duct. Unlikely. Maybe they start as soft liver
blobs of cholesterol and squeeze into the gb, who really knows?
I think that the gb which will extract the water from the bile more
completely than the liver because it is the purpose of the organ,
that this is the organ to most likely change the bile to hard stones
in the gb.
Whatever the deal, pain is the result of Gallstones trying to push
out of the gb, stones stuck in the common or cystic duct, etc. I
haven't heard of liver colic unless the liver is shot beyond repair

You know, I'm not really sure about all this because I'm not even a
doctor, and I don't think anyone here really can prove or disprove
anything. All I know is that I had bad colic pain, I tried the
alternative flushing for 4 months with the pain still there and
getting more sensitive. I removed the organ and now the pain is
completely gone. I eat everything and anything at anytime of day or
night and don't have to worry, think, or concentrate on internal
organ pain. I have no bad side effects from loosing the organ.
That is my relief now. I diet better because I have learned that good
dieting is better for the entire body but I don't feel a prisoner to
what I eat or what time it is. I'm free from pain and that is the
goal I was searching for when I came into this method.

I think my liver is functioning fine. If I have even the faintest of
pain I will check into it, do a Liver Flush or two, and see what is
going on. If I don't have pain I will continue to live healthy and
not worry about what is in there or not. That would be like worrying
if I have kidney stones all of the time when I have no pain in the
kidney. Whatever. Pain-free allows you to live on the outside again
instead of inside the body all of the time.

That's just some of my thoughts. Good luck to you.


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> << I tried 8 flushes and the pain got worse or more sensitive. >>
> how much Epsom Salts were you using in the flush?


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