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Re: [gallstones] gallstones are formed in the liver by Barry ..... Liver Flush Debate Forum

Date:   5/15/2002 9:45:54 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Our approaches to this cleanse were definitely for different reasons
and pains. I truly hope you can find better health and happiness with
your cleansing.

I had a gb that was pre-diseased, sluggish or not working properly.
My liver is good according to test results. I didn't have a gb 'full'
of stones, only 1 big stone that wouldn't come out according to
ultrasound. The ultrasound was true because once the gb was removed
and cut open only one stone was found there. So why the hundreds of
stones in each flush, the last one done one week before surgery? It
would seem that my removed gb would have had at least the 200 regular
amount of stones in it after cutting it open and looking inside.
Right? If they were dropping down from my liver between flushing then
the gb should have been full of them but it was clear except for the
one stone and sludge. Also my ducts and liver were clear as far as
could be tested.
Theories begin to fly here again. :-)

The colic was terrible, 3 times a week in the middle of the night for
months. I tried 8 flushes and the pain got worse or more sensitive.
The coating effect would stop the pain for a couple of days after a
flush and then return. Strict dieting and loosing 15 lbs didn't help
or stop the pain. My gb needed to come out because it would have
gotten worse, produced more stones in the stagnant organ, or would
have exploded during an attack. During one attack in ER an ultrasound
showed my gb blown up like a balloon.

Anyway, we are all looking for happiness and health and pain free
Good luck in your search.



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