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Re: [gallstones] gallstones are formed in the liver by Barry ..... Liver Flush Debate Forum

Date:   5/14/2002 5:12:17 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Dear John,

Since these are my statements you are commenting on I feel compelled
to tell you that you are incorrect on your replies. Don't get me
wrong, you are only missunderstanding what I have said.

First of all, most hard Gallstones are not calcium. Calcium stones
are very rare. Less than 10% of hard Gallstones removed from a
gallbladder are 'calcium' based. Over 90% of hard Gallstones removed
from a gallbladder are cholesterol. That was one missunderstanding.
I'm sorry you didn't read all of my post.

According to the general medical field, gallstones are made 'hard' in
the gallbladder but start soft from the liver and then roll down into
the gallbladder. They get hard in the gb because of the stagnant
place that they sit and the bile is extracted of water by the gb. A
sluggish gb will also keep bile in the gb and the bile or soft base
of a stone will harden there.
The alternative medicine cleansers believe the stone starts hard in
the liver.
Either way, autopsy reports prove the general medical opinion vs. the
alternative medicine belief.
Decide for yourself. That is what individual opinion is good for.

Yes, I personal have my 1 cm hard cholesterol gallstone that was
removed from my gb. The stone is harder and more different than the
2,000 balls of bile that I have eliminated in 8 flushes. The only
thing maybe simular is the color. The texture is totally different.
They are both bile based but in different form and consistancy.

Surgery is not the only way to remove gallstones. Medication can
break down hard gallstones over a matter of months or years.
Lithotrispy can crush the stones by using ultrasonic sound waves.
Flushing can even remove hard gallstones. I flushed out around 12
small, black, hard pigmented stones on my second flush.

Whatever the method of removal, the fact has been proven that in 50%
of the cases (no matter which method you use) the gallstones will
reoccur within one year. Only the removal of the gb will reduce that
number down to .001% because of possible duct stone formation, or
liver stone formation post-surgery because of bad bile.

I don't believe any doctor lied to me. I got all of my information
from the Internet reports. Facts are there to be studied. No denied.

Flushing can in some cases remove hard gallstones. Dieting can
improve the possibility of slowing down stone formation. Flushing
does work. Dieting can slowly desolve some stones. Yes, yes, yes.
But there is more that needs to be studied if you want to do this
correctly. It is a lifelong lifestyle change that needs to be
constant to avoid reoccurance of gallstones. In some cases, dieitng
does not help in stopping the production of gallstones if the gb has
advanced beyond the level of repair, if the gb is producing stones as
a result of hereditary problems, if it is diseased, etc, etc.

I sure hope that you can keep your gb and live a happy and pain free
life. Avoiding the pain is why we are all here. Also to be happy and
healthy. Good luck on your search for health, happiness, and a pain
free life.



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