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Re: [gallstones] need help with liver cleanses by jonathan ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   5/14/2002 4:56:34 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Attention all people suffering from chronic fatigue
syndrome that belong to this list. one guy the other
day talked about how the flushes were beneficial to
him but that he just didn't feel great yet. remember
how we've got two sides to everything? if the liver
and gb are on teh right side, what's on teh left side
of the body? it's the spleen and it's the second most
important organ to repair after the liver for cfs'ers.
if you push down on the left side under the rib (as
you do on the right side for the liver) and you feel a
squishiness or sponge-like feeling, then you have
dampness or phlegm in the spleen. dampness and phlegm
are chinese medicine terms which represent a heavy or
blocking substance in the body. you also have phlegm
and dampness in teh liver but are getting that out
with the flushes. the flushes to do nothing for the
spleen. to fix the spleen you will need heavy herbal
products designed to dry out the spleen to energy can
return to the mid-section of the body where energy is
produced. this might sound a little confusing but a
trip to a chinese medical doctor and hit you a home
run and get you back to life. the flushes worked
wonders for me but until i got my spleen back to
working, i didn't feel excellent. now, i'm one of
those rare cases that actually recover from cfs. i
never thought i would. just a thought that might help
some of you on your journey. i hope i didn't leave
anything out.

jonathan roberts


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