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Re: [gallstones] need help with liver cleanses by John ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   5/10/2002 12:59:03 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Wonderful results! Good for you!

> my problem is that i do not feel well if i am NOT doing the cleanses.
> when i try to eat to recover my strength, all my old problems come
> back worse than ever since there are more stones blocking the duct. i
> guess this is good since i am on my way to getting them out, but i am
> in new territory and i would appreciate advice.

I started cleansings in 1974 with obtaining "Diet & Salad" (1940) by
Norman Walker, and his other books such as "Colon Health" (1979).
These books are still available. Mr. Walker was very unhealthy in his
20s and the doctors sent him home to die. He researched, moved to the
country, changed his diet and way of life, lived a long active
productive life and passed away a few years ago at the age of 118.

Upon reading the book I promptly got a juicer and experimented with
different juices. My favorite, the same as his, is the "potassium
drink". This consists of sweet juice carrots, celery, parsley, and
spinach. I would drink about a gallon of this a day, not much else,
would run and run and not get tired. Whereas before the most I could
do was 20 to 30 miles, now I was running up to 132 miles in a week.

Mr. Walker was a firm believer in cleansing the body, keeping the colon
clean, and using enemas. I did not try those at first but did later
with good results. But I feel most important is the diet, because
that's what sets the standard in the first place.

While running, I also tried many kinds of freshly made fruit juices,
such as grapefruit or apple. The results were not as with vegetable
juices, maybe because fruit juices are more sweet and concentrated,
even mixing them 50/50 with water. I could still run but often felt
weak, a bit nauseated and light headed, and did not have the same
strength and energy or vitality.

My vision of a good cleansing system, for myself, is something like

#1- Good diet. For me this is vegetarian, organic, open pollinated,
natural and uncooked foods, as much as is possible. Nothing that's
been tampered with, processed, or bioengineered.

#2- Herbal Colon Cleanse tablets every night, and during the day of,
and morning after, flushes.

#3- Enemas, if you need them and/or they can benefit you, the morning
after flushes. (I feel if your diet is pure and you are doing the
other things, they are not as necessary, but if other things are out of
line they can be life saving indeed!)

#4- Plenty of freshly made vegetable juices, especially the morning/
day after flushes.

This is what is helpful to me. I hope this is helpful to you too.



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