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Re: [gallstones] need help with liver cleanses by Art ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   5/10/2002 6:26:25 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Thanks for the suggestions agnes. i will try juicing the dandelion and burdock.

i am well aware that the Epsom Salts can be very depleting which is why i posted the message in the first place. as far as developing serious health problems, i already have them. i have done as many as three or four back to back, and then juiced the following day. now i'm doing 2 or three back to back. after a day of eating lots of soup and juices i feel my strength return so i am being very careful in that regard. back to my original post, i feel large stones move to block the duct the day after each cleanse. clearly my liver wants these things out asap.

i feel like my energy has been blocked for a long time, so i actually get alot of energy from passing the large stones. the diarrhea is very draining, but nothing compared to the feeling of stuck stones. i am not in pain, and have never experienced pain. but i do experience constant discomfort which has been going on for many years. the bloating is almost unbearable, which is another reason why i am pushing the limits of this cleansing. i had wrongly assumed that the bloating was caused by my colon

i am not drawn to go for the antiinflammatory herbs because it seems to me that the source of the inflammation is the stones, so why not address the cause. the juiced herbs sound interesting because if they stimulate bile flow enough they might push the stones out.

i will try magnesium citrate, and also try adding the Epsom Salts to apple juice.

there must be a food somewhere on this planet that will dilate the bile ducts as well as Epsom Salts .

cassia pods?

another thought that is on my mind is this. do you think that this cleanse would be unnecessary if people were properly assimilating magnesium. if this were the case then the ducts would be relaxed, and then any high fat meal on an empty stomach would trigger a flush. right? or is there something completely unique about epsom salts that dilates the biles ducts like no other substance can. i don't have time to figure this out, but it occurs to me that the real issue might be mineral absorption. possibly linked with metal poisoning.

have you ever heard of a-f betafood?

will bathing in 1 or two cartons of Epsom Salt achieve the same dilation as taking four tbls orally?


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