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Re: Testimonial by Mary ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   4/17/2002 6:58:42 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Thank you for your testimonial is very helpful.

I am in the stage of reading all the posts to try to learn from other's mistakes and sucesses.
Unfortunatly, many people don't give details of the methods that they used, just focus on the
number of stones and how yucky they felt doing it.

While those facts are useful, I wish more people would list things that they felt made a difference
between their many flushes. Us newtimers could learn a lot from experinced flushers (lack
of a better word)

I do like the idea of going your own way, and experimenting a little. Every person is a unique
individual and what works for one might not work for another. Like I am a big meat eater and
weak if I go for long without it. I know some that get sick if they eat any meat. I like my steak
well done and think it tastses much more flavorful and enjoy chewing it. My husband thinks
rare meat is great and has trouble chewing well done meat. I am not making any sense anymore.
I guess the point that I am making is we all don't have to follow the same flush recipe to get results.

I just wish if anyone had a different recipe that they used or even made up that worked for them
they would share it. I don't think that the few that are listed on this web site are the only ones that
exist. I don't think humans invented flushes just a few years ago.

I am a bit confused today so sorry for talking in circles or squares. I am severvely chemically
sensitive and I went to the store today. I always feel like such an idiot when I do that. Now I will
spend the next week or so trying to recover from that little visit to the store!

I just am allergic to lemons, grapefruits, olive oil. There has to be another option for me.

Someone mentioned eating pizza. Would that work after a fat free day? I can't eat pizza, so
I guess that question is useless! I even did not tolerate the Liver Cleansing herbs as well as
I would have liked to. What does a person do if they can't eat or drink the herbs or flush potions
to make them well? Stay sick I guess. I only can eat green beans and beef and brocolli. On
occation I try other veggies or chicken or eggs, or grains. Yep, they still make me sick.
I am concerned about drinking the lemon juice because of my candida. It is a fruit and so are
olives for that matter, and people with candia should avoid simple sugars and carbs. It is not
that I am scared of the unknown. I am scared of the known. I used apple juice last time and
that is why I am where I am now.

Whatever, I am sure what I am saying is not even relavent to the thread that I replyed to so time
to go and stop complaining.


I am sensitive (depressed, compulsive, obsesive, etc) so don't say mean things to me
if you choose to reply to this post. I have enough problems without mean comments. MOst
people in theis world are extremely nice, just the mean ones just want to make you crawl
back under the blanket and not come back out for days! Thank you in advance for being the
nice person that I know you are.

Oh and something else totaly unrealated: If and when I every so loose my food allergies , what food items
should I add back to my diet first? Anyone have a clue. I just hate to get sick form eating the wrong thing.

ANd you were thinking that lady could never stop bellyaching. Well the lord ony knows that
my family is sick of listening to it and since I can't go anywhere due to my chemicall sensitivity,
and pain and fatigue from my 4 car accidents since Aug 1999, I really have nowhere else to
turn, at all. Don't realy blame them for being sick of me. I am sick of me!
> Testimonial By: Gene Saunders
> from
> I am a sixty-two year old male, six foot three inches, and one hundred and eighty pounds. I went back to my log book and found out I have done sixteen Liver Flushes and my wife (Bobbi) has done twenty.
> The tenth flush resulted in the largest number of stones (fifty lima been size stones in a grand total of four hundred (the rest were pea to rice size)).
> My sixth flush resulted in the largest stone (as large as the end of my thumb). Bobbi no longer gets stones and will probably only do one flush a year as a safe-guard in the future.
> Bobbi and I read up on Liver Flushes for several months before doing our first. I found it hard to get around for fear of the unknown, but then we did it, found out that it worked, and that we felt and looked better.
> All stones were black in color on the last flush. Prior flushes have resulted in light to dark green stones. I no longer use apple juice since I can not see that it has any effect. The first flushes I did followed John Thomas's book "Young Again", latter flushes followed Hulda Regehr Clark's book " The Cure For All Diseases ".
> On my last flush I went my own way and did a three day Water Fast before the flush, did the Epsom Salt routine, and used olive oil and fresh grapefruit juice (tastes better and works as well as lemon juice). This gave the best results for me.
> Prior flushes have been varied on the number of stones, (three small pea size minimum to fifty or so maximum) and how I feel during the flush (the sicker I feel the more stones I get. Hope this information is of some use.

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