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Re: Flush 2 by Dale ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   4/10/2002 3:08:10 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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From: "Dale Williams"
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 09:29:27 -0700
Subject: Re: [gallstones] Re: Flush 2


I would like to help you to understand that flushing just starts the
cleansing process of getting the gallbladder and live back to a healthy
condition. It is much the same as trying to clean up an oil spill it just
isn't all gotten with one quick swipe of a rag.

I was told by my doctor in February of 99 to have my gallbladder removed
within the next two weeks after an MRI showed it to be thickened, therefore
diseased, and having "A" stone. He stated to me, and my wife, that my
gallbladder probably hadn't been working well for the last ten years. I
didn't like the idea of losing something with which I had started my life
and so because of that started my research on the gallbladder and
alternatives to having it cut out. I started flushing after doing some
preliminary work of detoxing and changing my diet from a high fat to a much
reduced intake of fat. Of course at the time I really didn't understand the
differences in fats and my misunderstanding led to some other problems
later, after I was now stone free, and had a gallbladder that looked as
normal as anyother gallbladder would in an ultrasound.

I too thought that after having done my first flush I was totally stone free
and that I could eat a nice meal at a resturant without having to worry
about the attacks again. Little did I know at that time that it was going to
be some months before that would be a reality, and after a lot of attacks
that would occur when I would fall off the wagon, so to speak. Even though I
now can eat pretty much with impunity, I still will get warning notes of
discomfort if I eat things that are too fatty with hydrogenated fat or
animal fat, which is a saturated fat. But, I still have my gallbladder and
it appears from my movements that it's working just fine.

Flushing is something that the body would normally do without you even being
concerned with the process if you happened to be eating the right
combinations of foods, along with exercise, and didn't have some genetic
predisposition to a particular disaease. So, I can certainly appreciate just
how you feel about being locked into doing something so distastefull as
taking Epsom Salts , and then a concoction of extra virgin olive oil and a
fresh squeezed fruit juice.

The important thing to remember is the fact that stones didn't occur without
the body haveing something out of balance. So, sometimes it just takes more
time to get back the balance it needs to function correctly, or at least at
a good stubble. Flushing isn't a silver bullet to good health that one shot
does it. Shoot, even if you take an Antibiotic you have to take it
religiously to hopefully kill a bacteria infection, and if it happens to be
a wound it may be necessary to clean that wound daily while the healing
process is taking place.

Needless to say, but disease leads to dis-ease and that is from which we're
all trying to get away.


I have opened a can of worms starting this flushing thing, and perhaps I
should have left it alone - I am not interested in Epsom Salts and olive oil
for the rest of my days!

Overreaction that may be, but I have yet to see good results from flushing..
Words of encouragement welcome people!!!

in hope,


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