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Date:   5/2/2002 10:56:24 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Testimony of Barbara Loe Fisher to California legislature

Personally, I come here as a parent of a son who had a neurological
reaction to his fourth DPT shot at age two and a half that caused brain
dysfunction, including multiple learning disabilities and attention deficit
disorder (ADD), but who was fortunate not to lose his life or be left with
mental retardation, uncontrolled epilepsy, autism, or other severe
disabilities like so many of the vaccine injured children I have come to
know. When my son had his vaccine reaction in 1980, children in America
were told to get 23 doses of 7 vaccines. Today, children are told to get 37
doses of 11 vaccines. In those 22 years since my son had his vaccine
reaction, the numbers of American children with learning disabilities,
attention deficit disorder and asthma have doubled; diabetes has tripled;
and the incidence of autism has reached epidemic proportions, increasing 200
to 600 percent in every state, marking a staggering 3400 percent increase in
the prevalence of autism in our children.

Nobody knows why this has happened. But everyone at the Centers for
Disease Control and American Academy of Pediatrics, the two medical groups
that make vaccine policy in this country, vigorously deny that the many
vaccines they have urged be mandated in the past quarter century could have
anything to do with why more and more of our so children are chronically
ill. They say that vaccines only rarely cause chronic health problems.

Yet, the haunting question remains: if we have wiped out polio and
almost eliminated measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough and other
childhood diseases with vaccines - why are so many of our children stuck on
sick? Why are our special education classrooms so crowded that we can't find
enough money or train teachers fast enough to care for these learning
disabled, hyperactive, autistic, asthmatic, diabetic, emotionally disturbed,
sick children?

Something is wrong with this public health report card.

And before we go any further and mandate one more vaccine for daycare
or kindergarten entry - whether it is Prevnar or hepatitis A or some other
vaccine - we had better find out if the repeated manipulation of the immune
system with lab altered viruses and bacteria adulterated with mercury,
aluminum, formaldehyde and other toxins, which are administered to our
babies from birth through the first five years of life when the brain and
immune system is developing at its most rapid rate, is contributing to these
skyrocketing increases in chronic illness in our children. Without basic
science research into the biological mechanisms of vaccine injury and death
and without methodologically sound, long term studies which follow groups of
highly vaccinated, lesser vaccinated and unvaccinated children over time to
measure for all morbidity and mortality outcomes, it is illogical and
scientifically irresponsible to assume that there is no connection between
the ever increasing numbers of vaccines we mandate for children and the ever
increasing rates of chronic disease in our children. Making this kind of
scientific investigation a societal program and funding priority would, at
the very least, give us a better understanding of the genetic and other
biological factors which predispose certain children to vaccine-induced
immune and brain dysfunction, including whether there is a complex
interaction between genetic factors, a particular vaccine or combination of
vaccines and simultaneous exposures to environmental contaminants such as
pesticides, molds and other toxic insults.

Testimony of Barbara Loe Fisher to California legislature


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