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Anyone ever have this happen? by Joemamma ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   7/6/2003 3:08:53 AM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Hi all,
I have been having a weird sensation over come me. It started about 3 yrs ago and happens every once in a while. What happens is I'll feel as thought I'm remembering something, almost like a dream I've had or a movie I've watched. A strange euphoria comes over me while I try to remember. While I'm experiencing this feeling, the memory is almost within grasp like someones name on the end of your tounge. Then the feeling goes away and I lose alot of the memory. The feeling is difficult to explain, it's a slightly excited feeling with a kinda vulnerable or embarassement, almost like being in public in your underware. Where ever you are at the time it happens, even though your in a familar place,the place you are feels different.3 days ago I had 6 episodes, 3 of which I triggered myself( I can also shut them off if I think of something else). The last 3 days I've been kinda remembering without the intense feelings. I usually have a great memory for movie trivia or small details but cant place what or where I'm remembering. I personally dont believe in past lives but what I also find odd is when ever someone accedently calls me by a different name, It's always "Scott". This name thing has been happening over the last 30 yrs and usually by folks that know me very well and not each other. Creepy huh.


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